• EN [ rɪˈspekt]
  • US [ rɪˈspekt]

English definition


  • 1. (usually preceded by `in') a detail or point;

    • "it differs in that respect"
  • 2. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded);

    • "it is held in esteem"
    • "a man who has earned high regard"
  • 3. an attitude of admiration or esteem;

    • "she lost all respect for him"
  • 4. a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard;

    • "his deference to her wishes was very flattering"
    • "be sure to give my respects to the dean"
  • 5. behavior intended to please your parents;

    • "their children were never very strong on obedience"
    • "he went to law school out of respect for his father's wishes"
  • 6. a feeling of friendship and esteem;

    • "she mistook his manly regard for love"
    • "he inspires respect"
  • 7. courteous regard for people's feelings;

    • "in deference to your wishes"
    • "out of respect for his privacy"


  • 1. regard highly; think much of;

    • "I respect his judgement"
    • "We prize his creativity"
  • 2. show respect towards;

    • "honor your parents!"

Example sentences

  • Probity and purity will command respect everywhere.

  • The children treated their parents with filial respect.

  • We should respect individuality.

  • With respect to your other proposals, I am not yet able to tell you our decision.

  • We must respect others'privacies.

  • He fought bravely in many battles and gained their respect.

  • The new teacher soon won the respect of his students.

  • His manner was a blend of friendliness and respect.

  • I think you are wrong in every respect.

  • You should show greater respect for your elders and betters.

  • This obtained him respect.

  • I hope you will always respect your word.

  • At the wedding party, the bride and the bridegroom expressed that they would live in harmony and mutual respect and grow old together.

  • A man of irreproachable conduct commands the respect of others.

  • My respect for your intelligence is only equalled by my admiration for your integrity.

  • We have no vested interest in this respect.

  • Show respect to those who are older.

  • Children are taught to show respect and reverence towards their grandparents.

  • No one could rival him in this respect.

  • Respect for life is a cardinal principle of English law.

  • Parents often have little choice with respect to the way their child is medically treated.

  • They will campaign for the return of traditional lands and respect for aboriginal rights and customs.

  • He is a veteran parliamentarian whose views enjoy widespread respect.

  • The paper has earned respect for its investigative journalism.

  • Perhaps we owe these people more respect.

  • "Oi, shut your mouth and have respect for elders," Langda said to the boy.

  • With all due respect, you're wrong.

  • Premature moves in this respect might well provoke a reaction against the reform.

  • I'm for a government that the people respect and that respects the people.

    The DC static high voltage meter is the main instrument for measuring voltage of the insulators.



    We should respect individuality.



    The new teacher soon won the respect of his students.



    You should show greater respect for your elders and betters.



    Our relationship is based on reciprocal respect.



    Respect for life is a cardinal principle of English law.



    He said anyone giving orders without respecting the wishes of his people is heading for disaster.



    The treaty binds them to respect their neighbour's independence.



    I respect his judgement and I'll follow any advice he gives me.



    He even earned his opponents' grudging respect.



    If you were wrong, admit it. You won't lose dignity, but will gain respect.



    He was respected by all who knew him for his kind and gentlemanly consideration.



    In the treaty both sides pledge to respect human rights.



    Brian had learned to look at her with new respect.



    I think he has earned the respect of leaders all round the world.



    They will campaign for the return of traditional lands and respect for aboriginal rights and customs.



    He is a veteran parliamentarian whose views enjoy widespread respect.



    A final settlement must respect minority rights.



    The entire production evinces authenticity and a real respect for the subject matter.



    Perhaps we owe these people more respect.



    "Oi, shut your mouth and have respect for elders," Langda said to the boy.



    It was clear to me that he respected his boss.



    Mr Nicholson respects soldiers, and he rubs along with them.



    As a mark of respect the emperor met him at a point several weeks' march from the capital.



    They know the sport inside out, and we treat them with the respect they deserve.



    Unless you respect other people's religions, horrible mistakes and conflict will occur.



    You show me respect.



    I'm for a government that the people respect and that respects the people.



    Probity and purity will command respect everywhere.



    He fought bravely in many battles and gained their respect.



    This obtained him respect.



    One common Chinese notion is that the elders ought to be respected.



    He was particularly respected for his great age.



    His achievements earned him respect and admiration.



    The people's teachers ought to be respected.



    She was such a virtuous woman that everybody respected her.



    Your quiet hard work will command respect.



    He was greatly respected by his brother doctors.



    The man gained a lot in the business, but he lost the respect of his friends.

    那个人做这买卖赚了很多钱, 但他却失去了朋友们对他的尊敬.


    Show respect to those who are older.



    All respect him for his honesty.



    This invariably wins them the love and respect of others.



    Respect is due to teachers.



    Children are taught to show respect and reverence towards their grandparents.



    He was respected for his learning by several churchmen and other gentlemen.



    The doctor is respected by his professions.



    She enjoys the respect of her peers.



    I have the greatest respect for your brother.



    He is respected as a very aggressive and competitive executive.



    I think you'd agree he's a very respected columnist.



    He inspires affection and respect as a man of unquestionable integrity.



    He was a respected academic and above suspicion.



    The paper has earned respect for its investigative journalism.



    He had the friendship of Terry Jones and the respect of John Cleese.



    The ability to impart knowledge and command respect is the essential qualification for teachers.



    His doughty campaigns for the underprivileged have earned him national respect.



    He is now a respected member of society


    ——16年12月四级真题(第一套)| 听力

    How do the people you respect and look up to present themselves?

    你尊敬或钦佩的人是如何展现自己的?【句子解析】本句是-个复合句。主句是一个特殊疑问句,由“特殊疑问词(How)+助动词(do)+主语(the people) +谓语( present) +宾语(themselves) ”构成。省略关系词( whom/that)的定语从句,修饰the people;从句的主语是you,and连接并列的谓语respect和look up to,宾语是先行词the people。

    ——16年12月考研真题 | 阅读

    Work environment of respect, trust and every care to excitated employee from deep depth.

    尊重 、 信任与关心的工作环境来从深层次上激励员工.


    He is deeply concerned with his parents, paying his respects in both the morning and evening.



    I attended the wake yesterday to pay my respects one of five victims.



    Dispositions towards respect and concern for other cultures and peoples.



    But as my Well column today explains, diabetes is a disease that needs more respect.

    当正如我今天的专栏文章所解释的, 糖尿病是一种需要更多关心的病.


    Because women among vulnerable groups in physical and social way, they need being respected, concerned, treasured.

    在从社会和身体力量的角度上来讲,女性是弱势群体, 她们更需要我们的关心 、 爱护和发自内心的尊重.


    We must pay respect to the needs of the general reader.



    THe story calls for a healthy intersonal relationship where caring and respect exist.



    But no one seems to care whether the children are respected by their elders.



    Be equal, respect each other , take care each other , forgive each other and understand each other.

    夫妻平等 、 互相尊重 、 互相关心 、 互相宽容和相互谅解.


    People do feel if you care of them, and will respect you from their heart.

    关心别人, 别人都会有感,久而久之,别人更会打从心中敬重你.


    Of course, we must respect the judicial process.

    当然, 我们一定要遵守司法程序.


    Exhibitors should respect intellectual property rights, comply with all rules and cooperate with the Fair organizer.

    遵守知识产权 、 展览秩序等大会各项规定,服从消博会现场工作人员管理.


    Respect management rules and work time schedule of Carrefour.



    Law should be respected.



    She'll focus on getting China, Japan and South Korea to respect the sanction.

    她将集中精力使中国 、 日本和韩国遵守制裁决议.


    Follow the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for all your actions.

    遵守三项原则: 尊重自我, 尊重他人, 对自己的行为负责.


    In their respect for the holiness of that day, they had scruples about defending themselves.

    有人报告给斐理伯,他便下令把他们活活烧死,因他们宁愿遵守圣日, 不愿自卫.


    Students must listen and show respect to teachers and parent guards during classes and breaks.



    Second, respecting the freedom of religious belief and keeping to our basic purposes is entirely compatible.

    第二, 我们尊重宗教信仰自由与遵守自己的基本宗旨,完全一致.


    In my day, children were brought up to respect the law.

    在我小时候, 孩子们都接受教育要遵守法律.


    Teams now respect over age squad selection rules in lower division italian leagues.



    We must respect the referee's decision but we don't agree with it.



    I hope you will always respect your word.



    No one really respects the new regulations – they're all just going through the motions.



    We must respect the laws of a country we are in.



    Follow the three R's: Respect for self, Respect for other's and Responsibility for all your actions.

    遵守三个原则: 尊重自己; 尊重他人;为个人一切行为负责.


    If respecting the law means being like him, that's terrible.



    Follow the three Rs: Respect for self; Respect for others. And Responsibility for all your actions.

    遵守三个“R”原则: 尊重自己; 尊重他人; 对自己的所有行为负责.


    Parents should set boundaries and teach their children to respect them.



    We require everybody, and not just the democratic personages, to respect the revolutionary legal system.

    我们要求所有的人都遵守革命法制, 并不是只要你民主人士守法.


    Follow the three R's: Respect for self, Respect for other'sand Responsibility for all your actions.

    遵守三个原则 ︰ 尊重自己; 尊重他人;为个人一切行为负责.


    Please respect the privacy of people who are attending funerals or visiting family memorials.



    We strictly adhere to any and all local and international laws with respect to cultural property.



    That a Cosmic Law that must be respected.



    Respect local labor law as well as Decathlon social regulations.



    Internship should respect the culture and management of Feida asas the rules and regulations of company.



    It is about time tour operators respected the law and their own code of conduct.



    With admiration , respect and affection, I wish you the best of anything.

    怀著钦佩 、 恭敬和爱慕之心, 我祝您万事好运.


    He made no professions to me but of an extraordinary respect.



    Bowing politely is a mark of respect in Japanese culture.



    Even if are upset with them , speaking with courtesy and respect can often solve problems easily.



    He is respected both as a judge and as a man.



    Hindus join their hands and bow their heads in respect.



    With respect and solemnness, I remembered, I held the picture with shaky hands, overwhelmed with emotions.

    记得当时的我,恭敬而又肃穆地, 用颤抖着的一双手,捧着这张照片, 真是百感交集.


    Since I have been helping their masters to rob them, they have treated me with respect.

    自从我帮助他们的主人掠夺他们之后, 他们却对我恭恭敬敬.


    He smiled, and standing up, with great respect saluted me.

    他微笑着, 站起来, 很恭敬地向我致敬.


    You mind if I pay my last respects before they fill him in?

    你介意我在他们把他埋起来之前对死者表示我最后的敬意 吗 ?


    I also want to show Ms Yue respect by carrying the torch for her Olympics.



    We must pay our respects to the new vicar one of these days.



    I ask for her hand with all respect.



    At point, express our highest respect for instructors and sincere thanks!

    在此, 谨向导师表示崇高的敬意和衷心的感谢!


    I have always a great deal of respect for you as a fighter and a person.



    To harbor broad worker shows great respect!



    He paid his respects to the mayor.



    He paid his last respects by standing quietly at the graveside.



    We have a lot of respect for each and we didn't have any problem.



    We express our respect and warm welcome to Madam Zhuo Lin.



    Being silent also has the effect of giving you that enigmatic air that demands respect.



    They called on the new neighbours to pay their respects.



    They were at professor with great respect.



    He continually protested his profound respect ( Frank Norris )

    他再三地声明他所怀有的深深的敬意 ( 弗兰克诺里斯 )


    Tell him silly Milly sends my best respects.



    They sweep the graveyard, offer sacrifices, and burn spirit money to pay respects to forebears.

    他们清扫墓地 、 献上祭品 、 焚烧纸钱,以表达对先人的敬意.


    Writing this article a way to pay respect to all for MSF.



    Let in the people heart fill to the serviceman, rectify malpractices in various trades'lofty respect.

    让人们心中充满了对军人 、 军嫂 们的崇高敬意.


    Hundreds of people filed past the body of the departed scientist, to pay their last respects.

    几百人排成纵队缓慢经过那位科学家的遗体, 向他致以最后的敬意.


    Their simplicity arouses our sympathy and respect.



    A hundred planes will fly by the castle as a mark of respect.



    I have no respect for my father who, having remarried, is still up to his old tricks.



    I've got as much respect for the cloth as the next man.



    Shopkeepers closed their shutters as a mark of respect.



    His voice was warm with friendship and respect.



    In some respects climate may be the most influential of all the processes that affect deltas.



    The difference between two points in a system which differ in one respect.



Phrase collocation

  • in respect of (或 with respect to)

    as regards; with reference to

    • the two groups were similar with respect to age, sex, and diagnoses.

  • in respect that


  • pay one's last respects

  • with (或 with all due) respect

    used as a polite formula preceding, and intended to mitigate the effect of, an expression of disagreement or criticism

    • with all due respect, Father, I think you've got to be more broad-minded these days.

Synonym discrimination

  • admire, honour, respect, regard, esteem

  • respect, honour, regard, esteem, admiration