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  • EN [ 'deɪvɪs]
  • US [ 'devɪs]

English definition


  • 1. English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)

  • 2. United States painter who developed an American version of Cubism (1894-1964)

  • 3. United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)

  • 4. iAmerican statesman; president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War (1808-1889)

  • 5. United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)

  • 6. United States film actress (1908-1989)

Example sentences

  • Mr Davis has been asked on a number of occasions.

  • When Miles Davis died, jazz was robbed of its most distinctive voice.

  • Davis was subjected to public ridicule.

  • Davis went to regain his carriage.

  • Davis is in her mid-thirties.

  • Davis had to salvage his pride.

  • "Why don't we do something?" Davis asked plaintively.

  • Later on I'll be speaking to Patty Davis.

  • the Miles Davis Quintet

  • Davis kicked around in several stock companies.

  • Davis won the 400m. hurdles in a new Olympic time of 49.3 sec.

  • I wish to express my gratitude to Kathy Davis for her immense practical help.

  • He was at the time ranked 10th in the world and had a regular place in the Swedish Davis Cup team.

  • Two years later, Davis not only walks but runs short distances.

  • Davis was never loquacious on the subject of his progeny.

Meaning of Davis

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