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  • EN [ 'neɪplz]
  • US [ 'nepəlz]

English definition


  • 1. a port and tourist center in southwestern Italy; capital of the Campania region

Example sentences

  • He ordered the combined fleet to convoy troops to Naples.

  • It was the sound of easy laughter in the cafes of Naples.

  • When the time came to go, they drove to Naples.

  • Naples, with its immediate suburbs, contains six hundred and twenty - five thousand inhabitants.

  • For several days traffic fromthe Naples airfields was partially interrupted.

  • It is said that we shall probably be quarantined at Naples.

  • The steamer touched at Naples.

  • Our steamer touched at Naples.

  • Not very far from Naples, a strange city sleeps under the hot Italian sun.

  • From LIANYUNGANG , cargo for PORT - KELANG, NAPLES , GENOA, BARCELONA , VALENCIA could be shipped.

  • Everybody knows the relation unusual of treasure Ji and Naples empress.

  • They built an exact replica of the opera house in Naples.

  • An ancient city of central Italy on the Bay of Naples.

  • The doctors, anxious for my lungs, had prescribed the air of Naples.

  • Cannavaro learned to play football in a town of Naples, Italy.

Meaning of Naples

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