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  • EN [ ˌeks ˈel]
  • US [ ˌeks'el]

English definition


  • 1. being ten more than thirty

Example sentences

  • It's XL extra large. Maybe I should try large or medium.

  • The safety profile of XL was consistent with that known for . TAC.

  • The function of circuit was verified by Verilog - XL.

  • Information Integration of μ XL Distributed Control System and Windows NT Computer Networks System.

  • XL video China offers u a complete product training program for this sales position.

  • Conclusion Bcl - 2 , Bax, Bcl - xl proteins might participate in the carcinogenesis and development of BCC.

  • This instruction is only suitable for low voltage cabinets of XiangRong Group xEnergy, MNSR, GGD, XL.

  • XL video China office is located in the neighborhood of the World Trade Centre.

  • XL engines and transmissions, as well as Genuine Parts Manufacturing , remain at Capitol Drive.

  • For those who don't know, XL stands for Extensible Markup Language.

  • The new STM 32 XL density devices are now sampling to lead customers.

  • Duan GX ; Peng J , Men XL, et al.

  • A tail - less version of the F - 16 XL has been proposed for a flight test program.

  • Limiting - provides control of maximum peak levels at the output the 166 XL regardless of any other control.

  • The Norelco 7310 XL Spectra Men's Shaver is water - resistant and can be rinsed under the tap.

Meaning of XL

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