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English definition


  • 1. being one more than fourteen

Example sentences

  • Joan of Arc was finally canonized by Pope Benedict XV in 1920.

  • XZ ( Red ): A rapid metal removel media , heavy than XV, make a smooth surface.

  • McDonnell received a contract in February 1952 for two prototypes of the single - engine, two - seat XV - 1 .

  • RESULTS: Sixteen perlolyrine analogues were synthsized ( I ~ XVI ). Of them, 8 compounds ( I, II , V ~ VII , IX , XI and XV ) were first reported.

  • A French cannon from the era of Louis XV.

  • John XV ( or XVI )

  • The crystals of YP _ xV _ ( 1 - x ) O _ 4 ( 0 x 1 ) are tetragonal.

  • The crystals of YP _ xV _ ( 1 - x ) O _ 4 ( 0≤ x ≤1 ) are tetragonal.


  • Very Fine French Louis XV style gilt bronze mounted marquetry, rosewood and tulipwood table de milieu.

  • Article XV of the drunken person in violation of public security management, and should be punished.

  • He that abideth in Me and I in him, the same breath much fruit xv. 5.

  • Amendments to the Code may also be adopted following the procedures in Article XV.

  • XV. The average score of each routine review is the grade of each subject routine review.

  • A French carved limestone fireplace mantel in the Rococo manner of Louis XV.

Meaning of XV

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