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  • EN [ jæŋ]
  • US [ jæŋ]

English definition


  • 1. the bright positive masculine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology;

    • "yin and yang together produce everything that comes into existence"

Example sentences

  • Then they called on Xiao Yang to play the harmonica.

  • Come and warm yourself, Aunt Yang.

  • Lao Yang thought as he subconsciously tightened his grasp on the rifle.

  • Lao Yang chuckled, patted gun and said, " Excellent indeed! "

  • Lao Yang was elected to replace Lao Zhu in the committee.

  • I'll go tomorrow and talk it over with Xiao Yang.

  • Lao Yang's suggestion is that we turn the land into rice fields.

  • I found General Yang in a newly finished stone mansion.

  • Hello, Xiao Yang . So I run you down at last.

  • I'm happy to have this chance to meet with you. Mr. Howard Yang.

  • Hello. This is Mr. Yang . may I speak to Miss Bennet, please?

  • Hello. Is this the Yang Doll Company?

  • Miss, Yang has very beautiful gams.

  • You see, I am a sophomore and Miss Yang is a junior.

  • Did you watch the football match on TV this morning. Lin Yang ?

Meaning of Yang

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