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  • EN [ ə'bʌtmənt]
  • US [ ə'bʌtmənt]

English definition


  • 1. point of contact between two objects or parts

  • 2. a masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge

Example sentences

  • The car inclines to incline and to slide to roll and collides to the abutment.

  • In the maxilla, the abutment distribution did not allow a palatal - free restoration.

  • Engineering practice of the abutment - slope system verified effectiveness of the multi - reinforcement.

  • The technique of semi - integral abutment jointless bridge has a bright future.

  • Objective The effect of clasp on the health of abutment teeth.

  • He also discussed on SPSRSFF application for stability analysis of arch abutment.

  • What is a temporary abutment?

  • Diameter of an abutment foundation - 2 meters.

  • Can the Stealth Shouldered Abutment be modified?

  • What material is the abutment made of?

  • Why will this Stealth Shouldered Abutment system decrease the use of angled abutments?

  • Objective To evaluate the abutment periodontium condition after restored with the distal - extension attachment dentures.

  • Objective : To study stress distribution in periodontal tissue of titled abutment before and after fixed restoration.

  • The paper mainly studied the stress characteristic of the skew slant leg rigid bridge without abutment.

  • The surface quality of concrete and abutment is one of the important indexes in quality assessment.


Meaning of abutment

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