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  • EN [ əˈkʌmplɪʃt]
  • US [ əˈkɑːmplɪʃt]

English definition


  • 1. highly skilled;

    • "an accomplished pianist"
    • "a complete musician"
  • 2. successfully completed or brought to an end;

    • "his mission accomplished he took a vacation"
    • "the completed project"
    • "the joy of a realized ambition overcame him"
  • 3. settled securely and unconditionally;

    • "that smoking causes health problems is an accomplished fact"

Example sentences

  • She was an elegant and accomplished woman.

  • The explorers accomplished the voyage in five weeks.

  • The journey was accomplished with a maximum of comfort and ease and a minimum of discomfort.

  • Everything must be carefully examined before we act , then twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort.

  • If the name is not right then speech will not be in order, and if speech is not in order then nothing will be accomplished.

  • Thanks to your help, we accomplished the task ahead of schedule.

  • The task has been accomplished according to schedule.

  • We worked only two hours in the afternoon, but we accomplished a lot.

  • She is an accomplished singer.

  • The project will be accomplished in a few more days.

  • All these plans were accomplished in a year.

  • I have accomplished the task on schedule.

  • The remaining part of the project should be accomplished.

  • She is an accomplished flirt.

  • The dam is accomplished.

  • Removal of excess heat is accomplished by means of a radiator.

  • All this cannot be accomplished overnight.

  • My grandmother has accomplished the age of 97 years of her life.

  • The first part of the plan has been safely accomplished.

  • Somewhat ingenuously, he explains how the crime may be accomplished.

  • "She seems at times an accomplished liar," he said.

  • He went on to paint a rosy picture about how much has already been accomplished.

  • He felt a glow of pride in what she had accomplished.

  • It was an accomplished piece of investigative journalism.

  • They are skeptical about how much will be accomplished by legislation.

  • They won plaudits and prizes for their accomplished films.

  • The mission could conceivably be accomplished within a week.

  • Her brother was an accomplished linguist.

  • He had finally accomplished his dream of becoming a pilot.

Meaning of accomplished

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  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
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