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  • EN [ əˈkʌstəmd]
  • US [ əˈkʌstəmd]

English definition


  • 1. (often followed by `to') in the habit of or adapted to;

    • "accustomed to doing her own work"
    • "I've grown accustomed to her face"
  • 2. commonly used or practiced; usual;

    • "his accustomed thoroughness"
    • "took his customary morning walk"
    • "his habitual comment"
    • "with her wonted candor"

Example sentences

  • Some customers are accustomed to bargain, then aside when the first rate quote.

  • By the baroness he was most graciously welcomed, while Eug é nie received him with her accustomed coldness.

  • The panda has long become accustomed to the huge crowds of visitors.

  • They are accustomed to this sort of work.

  • They're accustomed to using organic fertilizers.

  • Accustomed to climbing tress, I had no difficulty reaching the top.

  • He likes the stocks and he is accustomed to trading in and out of its shares.

  • It took her some time to get accustomed to being the only lady in the office.

  • She is accustomed to being heckled.

  • He has been accustomed to life in the mountains from his earliest boyhood.

  • I still haven't got accustomed to living away from home.

  • He is accustomed to loneliness.

  • No one wishes to deal with a person who is accustomed to breaking his word.

  • Being accustomed to working methodically, I tried at first to arrange the photographs in order of importance.

  • He is accustomed to hard work.

  • This is his accustomed hour to go to bed.

  • I was accustomed to being the only child at a table full of adults.

  • His eyes became accustomed to the dark after the brilliance of the sun outside.

  • My eyes were becoming accustomed to the gloom.

  • Possibly we are accustomed, biologically speaking, to this background radiation.

  • Bradley is still accustomed to travelling everywhere in style.

  • Shakespeare has accustomed us to a mixture of humor and tragedy in the same play.

  • Freed acted with his accustomed shrewdness.

  • Nora grew accustomed to depending on her husband.

  • The team has accustomed itself to the pace of first division rugby.

  • American consumers are accustomed to hunting out bargains.

  • She had not yet become accustomed to the fact that she was a rich woman.

  • He was not accustomed to political or philosophical discussions.

Phrase collocation

  • accustomed to (doing)sth


Meaning of accustomed

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