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  • EN [ ˈæktɪveɪt]
  • US [ ˈæktɪveɪt]

English definition


  • 1. put in motion or move to act;

    • "trigger a reaction"
    • "actuate the circuits"
  • 2. make active or more active;

    • "activate an old file"
  • 3. make more adsorptive;

    • "activate a metal"
  • 4. aerate (sewage) so as to favor the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter

  • 5. make (substances) radioactive

Example sentences

  • It is precisely these ultrafine perceptions that activate the individual.

  • A: Please allow us up to 48 hours to activate your privileges.

  • This Email Address will be used to activate your Account.

  • We must activate the youth to study.

  • Cytochrome P 450 enzyme system shown to activate many carcinogens.

  • Once you have enough obsidian, activate the idols.

  • I must activate the other control pannel!

  • Prior to Combat: Scout foes with detect magic and activate globe of invulnerability.

  • Use the z key to activate the Pan and Zoom tool.

  • Activate the Reverse Mesh Orientation tool and activate the mirrored part of the mesh.

  • I have studied this device, but have been unable to activate it.

  • It can also help convey and activate the plant cells to promote the trunk become thicker.

  • Q . How do I activate my card from outside the United States and Canada?

  • The ingredients work together to activate collagen renewal, reinforcing the skin's natural structure.

  • Activate the heat only after you begin to feel cold.

  • All countries should immediately activate their pandemic preparedness plans.

  • Avoid alcohol. The deeper initial sleep and dehydration activate snoring.

  • Galvatron is planning to activate the plasma energy chamber so he can destroy Earth.

  • Activate Way: any player AR _ in player name.

  • The catalyst is prepared through mechanical mixing, drying and programmed heating to activate.

  • The effect of temperature is interpreted by activate collision theory in the thesis.

  • In order to activate 3 years warranty, you must register your product within 2 weeks.

  • Aging cells to activate and enhance metabolism, immune enhancement and strengthening the body's defense mechanism.

  • To activate an existing bookmark, select its check box in the Bookmarks window.

  • There is a link that you must click to activate the download.


Meaning of activate

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