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  • EN [ əˈfeə(r)]
  • US [ əˈfer]

English definition


  • 1. a vaguely specified concern;

    • "several matters to attend to"
    • "it is none of your affair"
    • "things are going well"
  • 2. a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

  • 3. a vaguely specified social event;

    • "the party was quite an affair"
    • "an occasion arranged to honor the president"
    • "a seemingly endless round of social functions"

Example sentences

  • He's denied having an affair with secretary but of course there's no smoke without fire.

  • The affair awoke them from the false belief.

  • He has a hand in the affair.

  • The exhibition will be a big affair.

  • This affair will be pinned on one of us if we are not careful.

  • We should not pass over this disgraceful affair in silence.

  • In the eye of the Buddhist, every worldly affair is vain.

  • Kent must be kept out of this affair. He'll interfere and tries to have an oar in everyman's boat.

  • Their scandalous affair has really set tongues wagging.

  • He glibly professed his ignorance of the affair.

  • I suspect that he is more or less involved in the affair.

  • The article insinuated that he was having an affair with his friend's wife.

  • the English love affair with gardening

  • Their affair was driven by pure lust.

  • a sizzling love affair

  • Thanks to her skilful handling of the affair, the problem was averted.

  • He was completely unaware of the whole affair.

  • "This ain't no affair of yours, boy!" McClosky said threateningly.

  • The industry minister described the affair as "an absolute scandal".

  • The stages in her love affair with Harry are perceptively written.

  • London Fashion Week will be a sparky affair.

  • Economically and politically, this affair couldn't come at a worse time.

  • In a strange way, his affair caused our relationship to strengthen.

  • The whole affair has been highly suspect.

  • Okay so have an affair, but not right under my nose.

  • When she had an affair with her friend's husband, she wittingly set off a chain of crises.

  • It's believed the affair was potentially harmful to British aviation.

  • They have started legal proceedings against two publications which spoke of an affair.

Synonym discrimination

  • affair, business, matter, concern, thing

Meaning of affair

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