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  • EN [ ə'fɔ:sed]
  • US [ əˈfɔrˌsɛd, əˈfor-]

English definition


  • 1. being the one previously mentioned or spoken of;

    • "works of all the aforementioned authors"
    • "said party has denied the charges"

Example sentences

  • That person duly appeared among the aforesaid objectors.

  • In process of time, the rain washes off all the turf and grass aforesaid.

  • The aforesaid total absence of conversation allowed every extraneous sound to be heard.

  • The REIT is the key to the two problems aforesaid.

  • The aforesaid series of studies shows that psoriasis is a psychosomatic disease.

  • His Seal of Obediance is this, the which wear as aforesaid.

  • The aforesaid sales agent agreement must contain the following items.

  • Each of the aforesaid quantities is said to be equal or unequal.

  • The aforesaid system effectively regulates acts of administrative law - enforcement.

  • In default of the aforesaid data, no experimental animals may be used.

  • The invention also provides a method for producing the aforesaid composition.

  • The aforesaid general agent agreement must contain following items.

  • The aforesaid adjustment shall be reported to the competent taxation authorities archival filing . 2.

  • The freak worktable and unexceptionably solved aforesaid developed has solved this key problem very well.

  • Any violation of aforesaid obligations shall constitute responsibility subject to the applicable civil or criminal laws.


Meaning of aforesaid

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