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  • EN [ ˈælaɪ , əˈlaɪ]
  • US [ ˈælaɪ , əˈlaɪ]

English definition


  • 1. a friendly nation

  • 2. an associate who provides assistance;

    • "he's a good ally in fight"
    • "they were friends of the workers"


  • 1. become an ally or associate, as by a treaty or marriage;

    • "He allied himself with the Communists"

Example sentences

  • Britain was an ally of America in the World War I.

  • In 1997, she landed her big break in " Ally McBeal ".

  • This managed to offend even Japan's staunch ally, the United States.

  • Even the official ally of the moment is always regarded with the darkest suspicion.

  • How could you kill you ally?

  • In China, the ally insures has been the biggest foreign capital insurance company.

  • Two conversations with our longtime ally King Hussein bracketed the meeting with Ismail.

  • To shake off this difficult situation, Japan decided to ally with some other countries.

  • Despite his occasional protestations of friendship, he disliked England and thought her a worthless ally.

  • Some cards and effects prevent damage from being dealt to a hero or ally.

  • When you play an ally, it enters play ally row.

  • The marquis was an ally in the British Parliament during the American Revolution.

  • Time might be your ally. But also might turn out to be your enemy.

  • Most Germans prefer France as their main ally in foreign policy.

  • But when Caesar was murdered, she found another ally.

  • Along the same vein, you might enjoy the daily dramas experienced by Ally McBeal.

  • She felt she needed an ally so badly.

  • In that war England was not an ally; she was neutral.

  • Do not let sloth become his ally.

  • Tumbling Gives an ally a bonus on Tumbling.

  • Houses ally with one another by marriage.

  • Now, however, the workers'new ally, the federal government, went into action.

  • a close ally and friend of the prime minister

  • The United States is a close ally of South Korea.

  • He is a close ally of the Prime Minister.

  • The Prime Minister found a surprise ally today in the shape of Jacques Delors, the Commission President.


Meaning of ally

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