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  • EN [ əˈmaʊnt]
  • US [ əˈmaʊnt]

English definition


  • 1. how much of something is available;

    • "an adequate amount of food for four people"
  • 2. a quantity of money;

    • "he borrowed a large sum"
    • "the amount he had in cash was insufficient"
  • 3. how much there is of something that you can quantify

  • 4. a quantity obtained by addition


  • 1. be tantamount or equivalent to;

    • "Her action amounted to a rebellion"
  • 2. add up in number or quantity;

    • "The bills amounted to $2,000"
    • "The bill came to $2,000"
  • 3. develop into;

    • "This idea will never amount to anything"
    • "nothing came of his grandiose plans"

Example sentences

  • There is a lot of concern over the amount of herbicides and pesticides used in farming.

  • There's no stipulation as to the amount you can invest.

  • The amount of force needed is inversely proportional to the rigidity of the material.

  • He has a large amount of mail to answer every day.

  • He deposited a small amount of money toward the purchase of the car.

  • He drank a massive amount of alcohol.

  • We undercharge Mr. Smith and have to send him a debit note for the extra amount.

  • He owed me £100 but could pay only half that amount.

  • The rate has fallen by an insignificant amount.

  • It is necessary to decrease the amount of coal used.

  • Any amount, great or small, will be appreciated.

  • No amount of coaxing will make me change my mind.

  • I can give you a rough estimate of the amount of wood you will need.

  • There is still an immense amount of work to be done.

  • Teachers have a limited amount of time to interact with each child.

  • I was staggered at the amount of money the ring cost.

  • A tremendous amount of work has gone into the project.

  • Worldwide, an enormous amount of research effort goes into military technology.

  • The company has been sold for an undisclosed amount.

  • The amount of nicotine in these nicotine substitutes can be enough to excite the heart.

  • No amount of reasoning could shake him out of his conviction.

  • The amount of grant the council received from the Government was progressively reduced.

  • The amount of carbon dioxide released by human activities such as burning coal and oil is small in comparison.

  • Manufacturers must list ingredients in order of the amount used.

  • There are any amount of clubs you could join.

  • The spokesman stressed that the measures did not amount to an overall ban.

  • Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 17%.

  • Consuming this amount of food could turn these fit players into fatties.

  • The system wastes a large amount of water.

  • During the Christmas holidays there's a tremendous amount of traffic between the Northeast and Florida.

Phrase collocation

  • any amount of

    a great deal or number of

    • the second half produced any amount of action.

  • no amount of

    not even the greatest possible amount of

    • no amount of talk is going to change anything.

Synonym discrimination

  • quantity, amount, number, sum


Meaning of amount

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