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  • EN [ ænˈsestrəl]
  • US [ ænˈsestrəl]

English definition


  • 1. inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent;

    • "ancestral home"
    • "ancestral lore"
    • "hereditary monarchy"
    • "patrimonial estate"
    • "transmissible tradition"
  • 2. of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor

Example sentences

  • Translate the Imperial College , temple , Wen Tianxiang ancestral temple.

  • I thought of the night when I first came to his ancestral home, three months before.

  • South American cavy; possibly ancestral to the domestic guinea pig.

  • Ancestral worship has long been at the heart of Orcish religion.

  • He is the stereotyped monster of the horror films and the adventure books, and an obvious ( though not perhaps strictly scientific ) link with our ancestral past.

  • You can go out from ancestral home change.

  • Anyway, I deeply love Fuzhou , my ancestral home.

  • Ahi, son of Abdiel, son of Guni, was the head of their ancestral houses.

  • We should study our ancestral achievements.

  • Most hounds share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting.

  • Mount Qiqu is a treasure place where Zitong people have built ancestral memorials and temples.

  • The ancestral prescription is said to be efficacious against renal weakness.

  • My ancestral home is so endearing.

  • You can find the painting of Yulgok II in Munseongsa ( the ancestral shrine of Yulgok II ).

  • Yulan's father, Zhu Daji to sell his ancestral house to the government.

  • If one has hologram and lineage for further ascension, an Ancestral Record Keeper is formed.

  • Her ancestral home is in Jiangsu Province.

  • Originally Ancestral Temple , People's Cultural Palace is National major cultural relics preservation unit.

  • His ancestral home is in France.

  • The purpose of this information is to trigger one's personal ancestral karma for forgiveness and transmutation.

  • Most of ( today's Beijing ) people , whose ancestral home Dongguang County , Cangzhou, Hebei Ma Tsz Tong Tsuen.

  • Why did they spend so much money in ancestral halls?

  • They at ones from the ancestor homes ancestral home of soybeans, Asia.

  • Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family is one of best examples of Lingnan architecture.

  • And because the ancestral knowledge is not updated anymore.

  • And their ancestral graves have suddenly started exerting beneficial influences!

  • His ancestral home is in Hefei, Anhui Province.

  • Ritual foods are used at funerals at ancestral rites, shaman's offerings and as temple food.

Meaning of ancestral

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