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  • EN [ ˈænsestri]
  • US [ ˈænsestri]

English definition


  • 1. the descendants of one individual;

    • "his entire lineage has been warriors"
  • 2. inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline

Example sentences

  • He is not a pure German; there has been a cross in his ancestry somewhere.

  • Alexander the Great traced his ancestry ( through his mother ) to Aeacus.

  • Io was of divine ancestry.

  • Mostly this is due to having some slave nation lineages in your tapestry of ancestry.

  • As the present day representative of the entire ancestry, one inherits all karma associated.

  • The family has traced its ancestry to the Norman invaders.

  • I intend to forgive anything that my ancestry perpetrated that harmed another.

  • To be accepted as a member of a group by denying one's own ancestry or background.

  • Less than five percent were of Spanish ancestry.

  • Each ancestry is filled with light and dark players known as a cast of characters.

  • I intend that all related to my tapestry of ancestry ascend.

  • I forgive my ancestry for the dance of dishonor of earth or any kingdom therein.

  • Of my ancestry I know almost nothing.

  • Less than 5 percent were of Spanish ancestry.

  • She had prejudices on the side of ancestry ; she had a value for rank and consequence.

  • Danforth and Poinar's fossil proides strong eidence for a more remote ancestry.

  • He boosts of his ancestry.

  • Many of the early settlers in America had English ancestry.

  • He is American of French ancestry.

  • A person's paternal ( father's side ) ancestry can also be traced far back in time.

  • I intend to forgive my ancestry for hunting dolphins, whales or any other kingdom.

  • Its current exhibit includes the work of 12 artists of ancestry who live in New York.

  • White skin for elephant is not the white of the Pleiadian ancestry.

  • Concentric and its fine ancestry demanded its continuation.

  • She is American of German ancestry.

  • Their ancestry settled the land in 1856.

  • I intend to release all karma for warfare and disease in my ancestry.

  • to have Scottish ancestry

  • Sri Lankans share a common ancestry with their Indian brethren.

  • His Japanese ancestry has been played up by some of his opponents.



Meaning of ancestry

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