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  • EN [ ənd; ən; n; ænd]
  • US [ ənd,ən,n,ænd]

Example sentences

  • Let's clean their room first and then ours.

  • We paid £10 , 000 for the shop, and £2000 for its goodwill.

  • Swords brandished and banners waved.

  • Summers in Washington bring murderous heat and humidity.

  • They loaded themselves with food, medical supplies, and oxygen equipment.

  • Courtesy costs little and means much.

  • Hearing that there was an emergency case, the doctor put down his chopsticks and left at once.

  • Probity and purity will command respect everywhere.

  • He hates leaving the office and going on holiday.

  • There are two types of participle in English: the past participle and the present participle.

  • With her speed and agility, Cage cut out all her competitors in the hurdle race.

  • His actions since that morning have been eccentric and unpredictable.

  • We ought to face the world and brave the storm.

  • The autumn moon has always been a favourite with poets and lovers of nature.

  • One way and another I'm going to finish this work before the end of the month.

  • He consulted a number of relevant books and periodicals.

  • He is very ill and keeps asking for his daughter.

  • They refused to be enslaved and rose in struggle.

  • She supplements her diet with eggs and fruit.

  • The police are guardians of law and order.

  • It's a pity the room has no north window and you don't get a draught.

  • He fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits , but he remains humble in spirits.

  • The revised edition is to all intents and purposes a new book.

  • Sylvia does not get on with the supervisor and the danger is that he will trump up some charge to discredit her.

  • " Go and join the army,'said his wife. " I won't hinder you. "

  • This is due to the enemy's underestimation of China and also to his shortage of troops.

  • Now he was dead, and I could not get away from my sadness.

  • The bridegroom asked the guests to stand and then toasted the bridesmaids.

Phrase collocation

  • and/or

    either or both of two stated possibilities

    • audio and/or video components.


  • cop and heel

    • He jumped into a car and made his cop and heal.

  • nail em and jail em

    • Old nail-em-and-jail-em is going to be knocking at your door any day now.

  • salt and pepper

    • We achieved a salt and pepper agreement that made everyone happy.

    • a salt and pepper neighborhood in Detroit

    • This salt and pepper is oregano, I think.

  • up and up

    • It' s an up-and-up place.

    • Everything I do is on the up-and-up. I am totally honest.

  • fleas and ants

  • sam and dave

    • Mike got hit by Sam and Dave last night.

  • jive and juke

    • We'll jive and juke in this summer vacation.

  • play fast and loose with somebody

    • He was playing fast and loose with his girlfriend. So she left him.

  • rank and file

    • The rank and file will vote on it tomorrow.

  • sick lame and lazy

    • Do you know why he always was the sick lame and lazy?

  • beer and skittles

    • Did you think life was all beer and skittles?

  • pickem up and layem down

    • Pick'em up and lay'em down for the doctor.

    • He picked'em up and laid'em down his feel tired.

  • wooden and water joey

    • You might consider taking a job here with me, wooden-and-water joey,general rouseabout.

  • dog and pony act

    • Bring them in here and do a dog and pony act.

    • Wally was there with his dog and pony show about water safety.

  • cock and bull

    • This newspaper account is a cock-and-bull.

    • He gives me this cock-and-bull story about six flat tyres.

  • high and dry

    • Here I sit high and dry—no food, no money, no nothing.

    • The old man was left high and dry.

  • one and only

    • My one and only!What am I going to do if you turn me down when I'm so crazy over you?

  • cough and a spit

    • He played a cough and a spit in this show.

  • down and dirty

    • a down and dirty campaign


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  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
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