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  • EN [ ə'ni:mɪk]
  • US [ əˈnimɪk]

English definition


  • 1. lacking vigor or energy;

    • "an anemic attempt to hit the baseball"
  • 2. relating to anemia or suffering from anemia

Example sentences

  • She looks anemic in my opinion.

  • You're anemic, you must have some iron.

  • You'll pay for this with every drop of your anemic blood.

  • Let me take your blood pressure. You look anemic.

  • Due largely to menstruation , women tend to be anemic more than men.

  • Longer - term borrowing also is anemic.

  • Translation blunts communication and makes knowledge crunching anemic.

  • As a group they were anemic.

  • FIV - positive cats can also become anemic and can potentially develop certain types of cancer.

  • Especially in this anemic economy, timing is key in asking for a raise.

  • Doctor: Let me take your blood pressure . You look anemic . ( Taking the patient's blood pressure. )


Meaning of anemic

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