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  • EN [ ˈæpətʃə(r)]
  • US [ ˈæpətʃɚ]

English definition


  • 1. a device that controls amount of light admitted

  • 2. a natural opening in something

  • 3. an man-made opening; usually small

Example sentences

  • Characteristics of synthetic aperture processing in radar altimeter show that range correction should be done.

  • Uncertainties and complexities exist in the jamming effectiveness evaluation of synthetic aperture radar ( SAR ) .

  • Synthetic aperture technology is introduced to microwave radiometer in order to improve the space resolution.

  • The optimum aperture of an aerator is smallest at the water depth of 4 m.

  • The only light came through a narrow aperture.

  • The pneumatic plug the annex the measurement the two parts of the aperture ring.

  • A superconductor transfers the power from the flux aperture to the power cell.

  • The beam then arcs circumferentially back to a negatively charged high energy flux aperture.

  • Antheral introversion or extroversion, slit or aperture leave.

  • Expand the camera aperture, avoid the bad effect of light flash.

  • Aperture Priority Auto Mode and properly set shutter speed indicator lit.

  • The effects of temperature to phase, crystallization degree and aperture distribution are examined.

  • Angle masters with various angles, prisms, corner cubes and lage aperture and high precision cemented plate.

  • Cameras with manual exposure allow the photographer to independently control shutter speed and aperture.

  • You may also want large aperture ( size ), but don't forget portability and convenience.

  • The heartache of fuzzy eyes, I seem to see the aperture of the happiness.

  • A technique for compressing aperture radar ( SAR ) image data using multiwavelet transform and prefilter methods is considered.

  • Figure 1 illustrates the principle, but for a triangular aperture.

  • Actually, the mask and openings are not really necessary; the mirror alone could serve as aperture.

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry ( InSAR ) provides a new tool to study geo hazards and survey topography.

  • Into this aperture a droplet of mercury was poured.

  • For flash photography, set the aperture at f.5.6.

  • Use a small aperture and position the camera carefully.

  • Through the aperture he could see daylight.

  • The camera has a 32mm lens with a maximum aperture of f/4.5 and a fixed shutter speed of 1/100sec.


Meaning of aperture

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