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  • EN [ əˈpɔɪntmənt]
  • US [ əˈpɔɪntmənt]

English definition


  • 1. the act of putting a person into a non-elective position;

    • "the appointment had to be approved by the whole committee"
  • 2. a meeting arranged in advance;

    • "she asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date"
  • 3. (usually plural) furnishings and equipment (especially for a ship or hotel)

  • 4. a person who is appointed to a job or position

  • 5. the job to which you are (or hope to be) appointed;

    • "he applied for an appointment in the treasury"
  • 6. (law) the act of disposing of property by virtue of the power of appointment;

    • "she allocated part of the trust to her church by appointment"

Example sentences

  • They made the appointment of Peter as chairman of the union.

  • About 100 persons have applied for the appointment.

  • His term of appointment expires in August.

  • The chairman brushed over the question of your appointment.

  • He secured the appointment of professor of English literature in the university.

  • We cancelled our appointment.

  • I've got an appointment I can't wriggle out of.

  • You mustn't break the appointment.

  • His appointment has not been formally approved yet.

  • Rose had forgotten all about their appointment.

  • I reminded him of the appointment, but he didn't make any response.

  • I'd like to make an appointment with Mr. Wang, the manager.

  • She will only see you by appointment.

  • She made an appointment for her son to see the doctor.

  • In some cases people have had to wait several weeks for an appointment.

  • I fixed up an appointment to see her.

  • You may cancel or rearrange the appointment.

  • Rather than break her appointment and disappoint me, Katie again took the car.

  • These diplomatic skills led to her appointment as the President of the United Nations General Assembly.

  • At the time, his appointment seemed a stroke of genius.

  • The club also offers its congratulations to D. Brown on his appointment as president.

  • He would make an appointment with him to straighten out a couple of things.

  • A background check is normally a preliminary to a presidential appointment.

  • You want Jeannie to make the appointment for you? How about the end of next week?

  • She has an appointment with her accountant.

  • Viewing is by appointment only.

  • She sounded upset when I said you couldn't give her an appointment.

  • She made an emergency appointment.

  • I'm already late for my next appointment.

  • Employee appointment to the Council will be subject to a term of probation of 6 months.

Phrase collocation

  • by appointment

    having previously made an arrangement to do something

    • visits are by appointment only.

  • by appointment to the Queen

    (in the UK) used by manufacturers to indicate that their products are sold to the queen and are therefore of guaranteed quality

  • power of appointment

    power to select the holder of a particular job or position

    (Law)power to decide the disposal of property, in exercise of a right conferred by the owner

Synonym discrimination

  • engagement, appointment, date

Meaning of appointment

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