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  • EN [ əˈrəʊmə]
  • US [ əˈroʊmə]

English definition


  • 1. any property detected by the olfactory system

  • 2. a distinctive odor that is pleasant

Example sentences

  • Aroma: This wine is intensely aromatic, displaying passionfruit, gooseberry, kiwi and tropical fruit balanced herbaceous characters.

  • Fragrant. Term applied to wines with pronounced and pleasing aroma.

  • The hulled seeds, creamy or pearly white and tiny, have a mild, nutlike aroma and taste.

  • That is why the aroma of Qualit à Oro is always so distinct and recognisable.

  • The straight Virginia blend possesses all the natural flavour and aroma associated with Premier Virginia tobaccos.

  • And holding her own special aroma.

  • Experience the natural aroma of Mystique.

  • Cats pee: Pungent, even aggressive, aroma found particularly in some Sauvignon Blanc wines.

  • The dinner is so delicious. The dishes are complete with color, aroma, taste and appearance.

  • Is it the same strength as the green stuff with the pungent aroma?

  • Mace has a flavor and aroma similar to nutmeg, with slightly more pungency.

  • Made out with a soup pleasant aroma, the full game.

  • The tea has sweet taste and lingering rose aroma.

  • This top quality coffee has a typical Viennese taste. Its full body and aroma embodies traditional.

  • Flowery . Aroma of a wine which suggests the perfume of a flower, especially in young wines.

  • The air was heavy with the aroma of the paddy fields.

  • Good acidity , moderate body, really sweet , nutty aroma with smooth, flavor.

  • The whole house was filled with the aroma of coffee.

  • He sat at his breakfast table, enjoying the aroma of coffee.

  • The president's room conveyed a delicate aroma of the mysterious East.

  • the aroma of fresh coffee

  • A tantalising aroma of roast beef fills the air.

  • The heady aroma of wood fires emanated from the stove.

  • As they bake, they perfume the whole house with the aroma of apples and spices.

  • The fruit owes its extraordinary aroma to a mixture of three main chemicals.

  • A faint aroma of coffee attracted his attention.

  • The musty aroma of incense made her head swim.


Meaning of aroma

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