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  • EN [ əˈreɪndʒ]
  • US [ əˈreɪndʒ]

English definition


  • 1. put into a proper or systematic order;

    • "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"
  • 2. make arrangements for;

    • "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"
  • 3. plan, organize, and carry out (an event)

  • 4. set (printed matter) into a specific format;

    • "Format this letter so it can be printed out"
  • 5. arrange attractively;

    • "dress my hair for the wedding"
  • 6. adapt for performance in a different way;

    • "set this poem to music"
  • 7. arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events, etc.;

    • "arrange my schedule"
    • "set up one's life"
    • "I put these memories with those of bygone times"

Example sentences

  • I arrange for meeting him at five.

  • I'm going to arrange with him about the tickets.

  • He began to arrange the flowers in the vase.

  • Can you arrange a meeting with the President?

  • Being accustomed to working methodically, I tried at first to arrange the photographs in order of importance.

  • Please arrange these books in alphabetical order.

  • Arrange your hours however you like.

  • A hairdresser's job is to cut, arrange and colour the customer's hair.

  • He charged me to arrange everything.

  • To write a good article, you need to marshal all the facts together and then judge and arrange them.

  • Please help me arrange these papers.

  • Would you like to arrange for a personal interview?

  • It is not for me to arrange such matters.

  • Pour a pool of sauce on two plates and arrange the meat neatly.

  • Customers who arrange overdrafts will face a monthly charge of £5.

  • If you will just sign here, we will arrange for your bank to deduct your payments automatically.

  • I will endeavour to arrange it.

  • I asked my headmaster if he could arrange a collection for a refugee charity.

  • Drain the pasta well, arrange on four plates and pour over the sauce.

  • We can arrange unsecured loans for any amount from £500 to £7,500.

  • He started to arrange the books in piles.

  • He had managed to arrange to stay on in Adelaide.

  • If you need to return to the UK quickly, British Consular officials may be able to arrange it.

  • He was forever attempting to arrange deals.

  • If you arrange your picture too systematically the results can look very mannered and artificial.

  • Arrange all the vegetables except the potatoes in layers.

  • Music shops should arrange their recordings in simple alphabetical order, rather than by category.

  • This time it was a friend ringing to try to arrange a fishing trip in Scotland.

Synonym discrimination

  • organize, arrange, classify, sort


Meaning of arrange

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