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  • EN [ ɑ:ˌtɪkjuˈleɪʃn]
  • US [ ɑrˌtɪkjuˈleɪʃn]

English definition


  • 1. the aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articulatory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech

  • 2. the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

  • 3. expressing in coherent verbal form;

    • "the articulation of my feelings"
    • "I gave voice to my feelings"
  • 4. (anatomy) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if the articulation allows motion)

  • 5. the act of joining things in such a way that motion is possible

Example sentences

  • The rear, however, did not bind or falter at full articulation.

  • Restrain rheumatism and arthritis, helpful for improve pain of articulation whenrain day and adjust osseous swell.

  • Restrain rheumatism, helpful for improve pain of articulation whenand rain day. Improve rheumatism and accelerate circulation.

  • The best problems do not disappear in their solutions, but point of greatest articulation.

  • His articulation is poor.

  • Moreover, the author studies the default rules on the development of places of articulation children mastered.

  • The articulation of the theory of relativity catapulted Albert Einstein to the pinnacle of fame.

  • Modern dance has four pillars : articulation, freedom, strength, and witty rebellion.

  • A graph with no articulation points is nonseparable.

  • Imagining the articulation of possible events to test how you would react – that's meditation.

  • The speaker's ideas were good but his articulation was poor.

  • I jazzed it up with some articulation and fancy words ( something I hadn't done for months ).

  • Objective To study CT features of ankylosing spondylitis ( AS ) in sacroiliac articulation.

  • He deliberately unclear Articulation of the rap songs of the more rhythm.

  • The sternoclavicular articulation is the only atthe extremity is connected the rest of the skeletal system.

  • First, the overt political articulation of an agenda for women's rights is surely significant.

  • As he drank more wine articulation became worse.

  • He leads him along paths of an ever more urgent articulation.

  • She spoke with a lazy articulation.

  • Finally, the clearest articulation of value is expressed in returning business.

  • Coarticulation : When simultaneous or overlapping articulation vocal organs is involved, we call the process coarticulation.

  • As he drank more wine his articulation became worse.

  • The ulna forms the chief articulation at the elbow.

  • Objective : To study the effect of articulation disorder on psychology action cleft palate after operation.

  • Tip of tongue is used gently for articulation.

  • You are tied down to a given and appropriate articulation.

  • the articulation of his theory

  • Capitalist social formations reflect the interaction, or articulation, of different modes of production.


Meaning of articulation

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