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  • EN [ əˈsembli]
  • US [ əˈsembli]

English definition


  • 1. a group of machine parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit

  • 2. the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery)

  • 3. a public facility to meet for open discussion

  • 4. a group of persons gathered together for a common purpose

  • 5. the social act of assembling;

    • "they demanded the right of assembly"

Example sentences

  • All parties won representation in the national assembly.

  • The assembly voted to delay the legislation to allow further consultation to take place.

  • He took his seat in an unobserved corner of the assembly room.

  • The General Assembly may limit the time to be allowed to each speaker.

  • I wish to congratulate you on your being elected as President of the General Assembly.

  • Every part is individually checked before assembly.

  • The delegates entered the assembly hall by way of the lobby.

  • Each component is carefully checked before assembly.

  • Cheers rang out from the assembly hall.

  • The assembly hall was overcrowded long before the performance began.

  • It was very quiet in the assembly hall.

  • The assembly will rise next Friday.

  • This pneumatic tool will double the speed of assembly.

  • The presence of the Premier shed lustre on the assembly.

  • The assembly voted to reconsider the bill.

  • The assembly hall was packed with people.

  • Several proposals are under consideration by the state assembly.

  • Sovereign power will continue to lie with the Supreme People's Assembly.

  • These diplomatic skills led to her appointment as the President of the United Nations General Assembly.

  • On the third day, General Zhang raised the temperature of the assembly a few notches.

  • He didn't enlarge on the form that the interim government and assembly would take.

  • The provincial assembly were deaf to all pleas for financial help.

  • For the rest of the day, he worked on the assembly of an explosive device.

  • By 9, the juniors are in the hall for assembly.

  • Governor William Livingston addressed the New Jersey Assembly.

  • The General Assembly welcomed five new members to its ranks.

Synonym discrimination

  • conference, congress, assembly, meeting, rally, council, session, convention, gathering

Meaning of assembly

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