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  • EN [ əˈtætʃt]
  • US [ əˈtætʃt]

English definition


  • 1. fastened together;

    • "a picnic table with attached benches"
  • 2. being joined in close association;

    • "affiliated clubs"
    • "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities"
  • 3. used of buildings joined by common sidewalls;

    • "a block of attached houses"
  • 4. permanently attached to a substrate; not free to move about;

    • "an attached oyster"
    • "sessile marine animals and plants"
  • 5. associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

Example sentences

  • He is greatly attached to his children.

  • He attached a cheque to the order form.

  • The school is attached to the Normal College.

  • The signers attached their names to the Constitution.

  • There is a middle school attached to the institute.

  • He attached labels to all his bags.

  • The house has a garage attached to it.

  • The hospital is attached to that university.

  • He attached labels to his luggage.

  • He attached his signature to this document.

  • We've grown very attached to this village and wouldn't want to move.

  • He attached himself to the university where he worked nearly thirty years.

  • There was considerable kudos attached to being on the advisory board.

  • A red wire is often attached to the anode.

  • Is there a dining car attached to the train?

  • The blame of the accident attached to the boy who put out the street lamps.

  • He attached his horse to a tree.

  • She is deeply attached to her young brother.

  • The authorities attached much significance to his visit.

  • There is very little stigma attached to crime and criminals.

  • It is very distressing to see your baby attached to tubes and monitors.

  • The high turnout was an affirmation of the importance that the voters attached to the election.

  • If the teat enters the cup, the suction of the milking machine ensures that it becomes attached.

  • The tiny rocket is attached to the spacecraft and is designed to propel it toward Mars.

  • The gadget can be attached to any vertical surface.

  • Potentially high financial rewards are attached to senior hospital posts.

  • Aid should be given to developing countries with no strings attached.

  • Attached to his will was a letter he had written to his wife just days before his death.

  • Attached to the front of the house, there was a large veranda.

  • Natasha attached herself to the film crew filming at her orphanage.


Meaning of attached

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