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  • EN [ ˈɔːdiəns]
  • US [ ˈɑːdiəns]

English definition


  • 1. a gathering of spectators or listeners at a (usually public) performance;

    • "the audience applauded"
    • "someone in the audience began to cough"
  • 2. the part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment;

    • "every artist needs an audience"
    • "the broadcast reached an audience of millions"
  • 3. an opportunity to state your case and be heard;

    • "they condemned him without a hearing"
    • "he saw that he had lost his audience"
  • 4. a conference (usually with someone important);

    • "he had a consultation with the judge"
    • "he requested an audience with the king"

Example sentences

  • The show is drawing but a meagre audience.

  • The audience was fascinated by their superb performance.

  • The audience was captivated by her performance.

  • The cleverly designed speech lashed the audience into a frenzy.

  • The audience punctuated his speech by outbursts of applause.

  • A big audience filled the hall.

  • The angry audience shouted the speaker down.

  • The audience rose bodily.

  • The audience took fire at his words.

  • The audience is all concentrating with rapt attention on taking notes.

  • He bowed to the thunder of applause from the audience.

  • The audience cried the speaker down as soon as he started on a third digression.

  • The audience were mostly adolescents.

  • The film attracts a large audience.

  • The audience applauded after the soprano sang the aria so beautifully.

  • The chair sternly rebuked the audience for their laughter.

  • These actors went over very well with the audience.

  • The audience was made up of very young children.

  • The speaker likes to have an attentive audience.

  • The chairman introduced the speaker to the audience.

  • The audience watched the performance with growing fascination.

  • The audience in the front rows made room for the late comers.

  • He suited his speech to the audience.

  • The final piece won her a rapturous ovation from the audience.

  • A radio announcer may have an audience of millions.

  • The performance produced much mirth among the audience.

  • The audience thereupon rose cheering to their feet.

  • My audience certainly isn't the proverbial man in the street.

Meaning of audience

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