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  • EN [ ˈbændɪdʒ]
  • US [ ˈbændɪdʒ]

English definition


  • 1. a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body


  • 1. wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose

  • 2. dress by covering or binding;

    • "The nurse bandaged a sprained ankle"
    • "bandage an incision"

Example sentences

  • Bandage condole is on the neck, at be!

  • May avoid because in the transportation process jolting creates knits the bandage the break.

  • Compress the injury with padding and a bandage.

  • Your arm is bleeding, put a bandage on it.

  • Jump backward while you gouge, bandage when you are just right outside of his melee range.

  • Don't tie the bandage too tight.

  • Do not bandage tightly or use a heating pad.

  • The injured arm was bound by bandage.

  • Give me a bandage for an abrasion.

  • Erofailov is awarded the Bout by the referee. He has a Bandage on his eyebrow.

  • In addition , one patient can use bandage which is disposable, avoiding cross infection.

  • A blind and bandage at right time usually wins it.

  • The wound was bound up by bandage.

  • Drain the wound ( of blood ) before you apply the bandage.

  • Gouge bandage is extremely useful.

  • He wound a bandage round his arm.

  • The doctor tied the bandage too tight.

  • Cover the burned area with a bandage that will not stick to the skin.

  • The bandage is wound on top of the cut.

  • She wound a bandage round my wounded arm.

  • Blood soaked through the bandage.

  • He unwound the bandage from his ankle.

  • The nurse lapped a bandage around his wrist.

  • Use a crepe bandage to support the affected area.

  • Apply a dressing to the wound and bandage it.

  • He snipped a length of new bandage and placed it around Peter's chest.

  • We put some ointment and a bandage on his knee.

  • The bandage must be put on when the blister breaks.

  • She trussed him quickly with stolen bandage, and gagged his mouth.


Meaning of bandage

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