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  • EN [ ˈbæʃfl]
  • US [ ˈbæʃfl]

English definition


  • 1. self-consciously timid;

    • "I never laughed, being bashful; lowering my head, I looked at the wall"- Ezra Pound
  • 2. disposed to avoid notice;

    • "they considered themselves a tough outfit and weren't bashful about letting anybody know it"; (`blate' is a Scottish term for bashful)

Example sentences

  • He because of bashful but low head.

  • She is bashful in doing [ to do ] anything.

  • He is bashful; go with him and keep him in countenance.

  • But the hen is very bashful, say whats do not agree to answer a question.

  • She is rather bashful.

  • She is bashful about speaking in public.

  • Out with it. Don't be bashful.

  • Little Joe, almost three years old, turned bashful and hid behind Lucy's skirt.

  • Because of he does not answer it, he feel bashful.

  • Don't be bashful — speak up for yourself.

  • At first he was bashful about the notoriety which the newspaper caused.

  • Are you sure? Please do not be bashful.

  • Janet was so bashful that she couldn't tell the truth.

  • He is gentle and quiet bashful child, people regards as him goofy.

  • Bashful , busy with keep out of a piece of newspaper.

  • She is always bashful among strangers.

  • Jack bashful because it is the first time for him to receive the credit after graduation.

  • His bashful mind hinders his good intent.

  • At forteen I married My Lord you. I never laughed , being bashful.

  • The bashful child felt uncomfortable with strangers.

  • I felt quite bashful.

  • They considered themselves a tough outfit and weren't bashful about letting anybody know it.

  • The boy was too bashful to ask her to dance.

  • Wherever she went, she appeared bashful.

  • You never laughed, being bashful.

  • She is bashful in doing anything.

  • In our culture we tend to be bashful about our talents and skills.

  • He seemed bashful and awkward.


Meaning of bashful

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