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  • EN [ dɪˈpriːʃieɪt]
  • US [ dɪˈpriːʃieɪt]
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ইংরাজির ব্যাখ্যা


  • 1. belittle;

    • "The teacher should not deprecate his student's efforts"
  • 2. lower the value of something;

    • "The Fed depreciated the dollar once again"
  • 3. lose in value;

    • "The dollar depreciated again"

সাধারণ উদাহরণ বাক্য

  • If you buy a new car, it will rapidly depreciate in value.

  • The computer value will depreciate by $ 500 in the first year.

  • The car value will depreciate by 2000 dollars in the first year.

  • Knowledge is capital and beauty is asset. Capital can multiply but asset depreciate.

  • The house begins to depreciate from the moment it is bought.

  • It is no necessary that we make RMB depreciate in order to improve trade balance only.

  • The property will depreciate in value if not kept in repairs.

  • Don't depreciate my efforts to help / what I have done.

  • If properly handled and protected, wood furniture does not depreciate in value.

  • Love, this does not require commitment, and again committed, love will depreciate.

  • We should not depreciate what he has done.

  • To depreciate ( currency, for example ) by official proclamation or by rumor.

  • The car's value will depreciate by about $ 5000 in the first year.

  • Depreciate like what submersible pump electric machinery burns out 20 O yuan.

  • We should not depreciate the value of justice.

  • Don't depreciate my efforts.

  • Meanwhile, color television, computer, mobile phone depreciate considerably, bring about industrial profIt'space to narrow.

  • If you neglect this property, it will depreciate.

  • The currencies of countries with full war chests did not depreciate; some rose.

  • The USD has continued to depreciate , as credit problems and economic concerns unfold.

  • We must not depreciate the work she has done.

  • New cars start to depreciate as soon as they are on the road.

  • We think lower German interest rates in due course will allow European currencies to depreciate against the dollar bloc.



depreciate এর অর্থ

depreciate সম্পর্কে তুলনামূলক কম তথ্য রয়েছে, আপনার মেজাজ শিথিল করার জন্য আপনি দ্বিভাষিক কাহিনী দেখতে পারেন, আমি আপনাকে একটি শুভ দিন কামনা করছি!

দ্বিভাষিক পাঠ

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • একজন মহিলা একটি পোষ্যের দোকানে .ুকলেন এবং দেখলেন একটি সুন্দর কুকুর dog তিনি দোকানদারকে জিজ্ঞাসা করলেন, "আপনার কুকুর কামড় দেয়?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • দোকানদার বলে, "না, আমার কুকুরটাও তেড়ে না।"
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • মহিলা কুকুরটিকে পোষার চেষ্টা করে এবং কুকুরটি তাকে কামড় দেয়।
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "আউচ!" তিনি বলেন, "আমি ভেবেছিলাম আপনি বলেছিলেন যে আপনার কুকুর কামড় দেয় না!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • দোকানদার জবাব দেয়, "ওটা আমার কুকুর নয়!"
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