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  • EN [ ˈsɜːveɪ , səˈveɪ]
  • US [ ˈsɜːrveɪ , sərˈveɪ]
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ইংরাজির ব্যাখ্যা


  • 1. a detailed critical inspection

  • 2. short descriptive summary (of events)

  • 3. the act of looking or seeing or observing;

    • "he tried to get a better view of it"
    • "his survey of the battlefield was limited"


  • 1. consider in a comprehensive way;

    • "He appraised the situation carefully before acting"
  • 2. look over in a comprehensively, inspect;

    • "He surveyed his new classmates"
  • 3. keep under surveillance;

    • "The police had been following him for weeks but they could not prove his involvement in the bombing"
  • 4. hold a review (of troops)

  • 5. make a survey of; for statistical purposes

  • 6. plot a map of (land)

সাধারণ উদাহরণ বাক্য

  • The workers skirted the edge of the cliff on a geological survey.

  • The current survey will have a wider geographical spread.

  • The explorers climbed a mound to survey the land around them.

  • His report is more than a survey.

  • The reporter is doing a survey of public attitudes.

  • Let's survey the events leading up to the crime.

  • The mines had been closed down following a geological survey.

  • Two groups were omitted from the survey.

  • Survey the car before you buy it.

  • An Ordnance Survey grid reference gives the position of a place to within 100 metres.

  • The results of the survey made fascinating reading.

  • The survey has a margin of error of 2.5%.

  • Following is an outline of the survey findings.

  • The council conducted a survey of the uses to which farm buildings are put.

  • We would welcome your views about the survey.

  • The survey found a wide variation in the prices charged for canteen food.

  • Use the enclosed envelope to return your completed survey.

  • This very thorough survey goes back to 1784.

  • Management consultancy was the top choice of career among 11,500 students in a survey this year.

  • The survey may cost at least £100 but is money well spent.

  • But the survey also revealed firms were running down stocks instead of making new products.

  • The latest survey shows buying plans for homes are sharply lower than in June.

  • The fishermen said the company's seismic survey was frightening away fish.

  • The survey found almost 90 percent of people were offended by strong swearwords.

  • Another survey found that 51 per cent of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment in their working lives.

  • One survey revealed a threefold increasein breast cancer.

  • If you decide not to buy, the money you have spent on the survey is not recoverable.

  • This survey gives the lie to the idea that Britain is moving towards economic recovery.

সিনোনিমের বিশ্লেষণ

  • inquiry, investigation, research, survey

survey এর অর্থ

survey সম্পর্কে তুলনামূলক কম তথ্য রয়েছে, আপনার মেজাজ শিথিল করার জন্য আপনি দ্বিভাষিক কাহিনী দেখতে পারেন, আমি আপনাকে একটি শুভ দিন কামনা করছি!

দ্বিভাষিক পাঠ

  • A woman walks into a pet shop and sees a cute little dog. She asks the shopkeeper, "Does your dog bite?"
  • একজন মহিলা একটি পোষ্যের দোকানে .ুকলেন এবং দেখলেন একটি সুন্দর কুকুর dog তিনি দোকানদারকে জিজ্ঞাসা করলেন, "আপনার কুকুর কামড় দেয়?"
  • The shopkeeper says, "No, my dog does not bit."
  • দোকানদার বলে, "না, আমার কুকুরটাও তেড়ে না।"
  • The woman tries to pet the dog and the dog bites her.
  • মহিলা কুকুরটিকে পোষার চেষ্টা করে এবং কুকুরটি তাকে কামড় দেয়।
  • "Ouch!" She says, "I thought you said your dog does not bite!"
  • "আউচ!" তিনি বলেন, "আমি ভেবেছিলাম আপনি বলেছিলেন যে আপনার কুকুর কামড় দেয় না!"
  • The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog!"
  • দোকানদার জবাব দেয়, "ওটা আমার কুকুর নয়!"
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