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  • EN [ bəʊt]
  • US [ boʊt]

English definition


  • 1. a small vessel for travel on water

  • 2. a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce


  • 1. ride in a boat on water

Example sentences

  • Look at that boat dancing on the waves.

  • We are in the same boat; we must help each other.

  • A small boat drifted in during the night, with no one on board.

  • The boat floated down the river.

  • The boat is taking in water!

  • Our boat was rocked by [ on ] the waves.

  • The waves were lapping against the side of the boat.

  • Moor the boat over there.

  • The boat pulled for the shore.

  • The fisherman cast off the rope and set the boat adrift.

  • The boat drifted ashore on an island.

  • They really pushed the boat out for their daughter's wedding, and invited 100 people.

  • The little boat plunged about in the storm.

  • The boat rocked wildly, hurling him into the water.

  • The boat is afloat.

  • Soothed by the peace of my journey, I had lost all count of time but eventually I became aware that the boat was gliding slowly towards the bank.

  • The boat wallowed helplessly in the stormy sea.

  • Experienced seamen will advise you about whether you should sail the boat in this weather.

  • Our sailing boat was delayed by contrary winds.

  • With great skill, he piloted the boat into the little harbor.

  • Water was slopping about in the bottom of the boat.

  • Kent must be kept out of this affair. He'll interfere and tries to have an oar in everyman's boat.

  • The boat dropped outof sight.

  • Set the boat in order.

  • He was adrift in an open boat for three days.

  • He pointed his boat northward.

  • The boat drifted down the stream.

  • When the boat sank, they had to swim for it.

  • He made a primitive boat out of some pieces of wood.

  • The boat left for the isles.

Phrase collocation

  • be in the same boat

    (informal)be in the same unfortunate or difficult circumstances as others

  • off the boat

    (informal, often offensive)recently arrived from a foreign country, and by implication naive or an outsider

    • What are you, fresh off the boat?.

  • push the boat out

    (Brit. informal)be lavish in one's spending or celebrations

  • rock the boat

    (informal)say or do something to disturb an existing situation and upset people

  • in the same boat

    In the same situation as another or others.

Synonym discrimination

  • boat, ship, canoe, steamer, vessel, craft

Meaning of boat

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