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  • EN [ ˈbɒnsaɪ]
  • US [ ˈbɑnsaɪ]

English definition


  • 1. a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

Example sentences

  • Mother fortunately, is wrapping a bonsai trough, does not gain does not owe, is good!

  • The few people like at home placing the bonsai, hoped to at increases some nature breath.

  • For all enterprises and institutions, restaurants, hotels offer flowers, bonsai, renting business.

  • Some people thought that the peony cannot the bonsai, this also be one kind of illusion.

  • Enjoyable fairyland, poetic sentiment bonsai, Chinese scenery name card, world geology park.

  • He wanted to work on a photographic essay on bonsai.

  • Care and maintenance of your new bonsai.

  • Traditional bonsai stump about six, three up, a.

  • This is also a fungus films, Ganoderma powder, and the processing of Ganoderma lucidum bonsai.

  • Flowers & plant cactus, bonsai, palm tree, crafts, wood furniture, pots.

  • My home on the windowsill, arrayed landscape bonsai pot.

  • Tradition and future. The wine house displayed with modern bonsai is immersed in meon lighting.

  • Luxurious and graceful, a gardenia bonsai tree is a stunning and matchless gift.

  • This article specifically addressed the bonsai cultivation process in the conservation and management matters.

  • I was founded in 2000, the Main Product for Lotus bonsai.

  • It's a bonsai tree for your new apartment.

  • The dish looks like a bonsai flower.

  • Certainly, after passes through the ingenious combination bonsai sale price to multiply.

  • It was cold, Mary moved all the outdoor bonsai into the house.

  • Does it look like a huge natural bonsai?

  • The characters of bonsai was built and constructed of time, thought, imagination and passion.

  • Veranda's jujube red, apricot yellow curtain, circuitous rockery, exquisite bonsai, Chinese Pode shade garden effect.

  • Park there are bonsai garden a zoo and a children's play such diverse venues and facilities.

Meaning of bonsai

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