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  • EN [ ˈbɒtl]
  • US [ ˈbɑːtl]

English definition


  • 1. glass or plastic vessel; cylindrical with a narrow neck; no handle

  • 2. the quantity contained in a bottle


  • 1. store (liquids or gases) in bottles

  • 2. put into bottles;

    • "bottle the mineral water"

Example sentences

  • He made up a bottle of cough medicine.

  • The boy put the ink bottle back where it came from.

  • Pour milk out of the bottle into the glass.

  • The bottle contains six doses of liquid medicine.

  • She went into a coma after swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills.

  • He knocked over a bottle of ink and ruined the table cloth.

  • Turn the bottle upside down to empty it before you fill it with oil.

  • With an effort , he drained off the whole bottle.

  • The baby needed burping after every bottle.

  • The bottle cap popped off and he got an eyeful of seltzer.

  • I poured the milk from the bottle into the cups.

  • Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice.

  • Shake the bottle well.

  • He accidentally knocked over an ink bottle.

  • There is a film of mould over the bottle cap.

  • a bottle of expensive perfume

  • a bottle of Scotch

  • He sought solace in the whisky bottle.

  • As I sidestepped, the bottle hit me on the left hip.

  • They heard a bottle being smashed, then more raucous laughter.

  • Once you've broken the seal of a bottle there's no way you can put it back together again.

  • Let's call room service, I need a bottle of wine.

  • One dip into the bottle should do an entire nail.

  • The bottle smashed against a wall.

  • Kenny caught his breath as Nikko nearly dropped the bottle.

  • He untwisted the wire off the champagne bottle, and the cork popped and shot to the ceiling.

  • The glass bottle is the shape of a woman's torso.

  • He dropped a bottle in the kitchen and nicked himself on broken glass.

Phrase collocation

  • bottle and glass

    (Brit. rhyming slang)arse

  • hit the bottle

    (informal)start to drink alcohol heavily, especially as a form of spurious comfort

  • in bottle

    (of wine) having been aged for a specified number of years in its bottle

    • the wine is ready for drinking after eight years in bottle.

  • (bottle someone up)keep an enemy force trapped or contained

    • the army was bottled up inside the citadel.

    (bottle something up)repress or conceal feelings over a period of time

    • if she bottles it up, it will only be worse later.

    • [as adj. bottled up]Lily's bottled-up fury.


  • the bottle

    • Once you've had the bottle,you'll never forget it.

    • The old guy was fond of the bottle.

  • bottle baby

    • The bottle babies sat there, waiting to be thrown out at closing time.

    • There is help for bottle babies.

  • fight a bottle

    • He fought a bottle all evening after he was told that his girlfriend would be married to another young man.


Meaning of bottle

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