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  • EN [ buˈkeɪ]
  • US [ buˈkeɪ]

English definition


  • 1. an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

  • 2. a pleasingly sweet olfactory property

Example sentences

  • Say a bouquet, sister Jemima ,'tis more genteel.

  • A bouquet of red and white flowers was left on the dead deputy's chair.

  • How I wish that I could become a bouquet.

  • Rose color, fresh bouquet and fine, persistent foam.

  • Bouquet: Lovely fruit on nose, restrained and very elegant.

  • Bouquet: Tasting term used to indicate the smells that develop with ageing.

  • Oh, a bouquet of flowers.

  • A bouquet of flower.

  • Lauren cheered up Casandra by giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  • Some women eagerly attempt to catch the bouquet; others shy away.

  • Extremely complex bouquet , with characteristic Sangiovese aromas of soft tobacco, licorice and cacao.

  • Nose : Expressive tropical fruit aroma, fine bouquet.

  • This brandy has a fine bouquet.

  • They also favor the natural and contemporary floral bouquet that are fashionable and modish.

  • Bouquet a rich, pleasant nose that opens on delicate citrus cast.

  • Deep, saturated ruby. Explosive bouquet of blackberry liqueur, candied cherry, boysenberry and dark chocolate.

  • Betty: Who caught the wedding bouquet?

  • Aromatic: Describes a simple , often fruity smell or flavour present in young wine . See BOUQUET.

  • Right from the first scent, the complex bouquet associates black fruit aromas with delicate spicy emanations.

  • This wine has a rich bouquet.

  • Her wedding bouquet consisted of roses and ivy.

  • Feature: Straw yellow in colour with an a pleasantly persistent bouquet and fresh taste.

  • A well balanced wine, elegant with a fresh bouquet, red fruit and spicy tastes.

  • Limoux bubbles , served in champagne flutes, reveal a fine bouquet of mayflower, apple and hazelnut.

  • In an unprecedented move, he bought his wife a bouquet of roses.

  • The little girl presented the princess with a large bouquet of flowers .

  • The 1985 vintage has a stronger bouquet and slight caramelly flavour.

Meaning of bouquet

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