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  • EN [ brɪˈɡeɪd]
  • US [ brɪˈɡeɪd]

English definition


  • 1. army unit smaller than a division


  • 1. form or unite into a brigade

Example sentences

  • We gave the gate money to the St John Ambulance brigade.

  • The fire brigade should always be called out to a house fire.

  • Get everyone out and call the fire brigade.

  • Bob ordered brigade HQ to embark.

  • to call out the fire brigade

  • They fought in the same brigade during the war.

  • By the time the fire - brigade arrived the fire had burnt ( itself ) out.

  • The fire brigade was called out twice last night.

  • On hearing the alarm the fire brigade rushed to the scene.

  • Opposite the farm tool factory is the office of the production brigade.

  • He successively held the posts of brigade and army commander.

  • Our brigade will be committed at dawn.

  • New York has followed the example of Paris in establishing a brigade of police dogs.

  • New York has followed the example of Paris in establishing a brigade of police - dogs.

  • To call the police, an ambulance or the fire brigade dial 999 and the operator will connect you.

Meaning of brigade

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