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  • EN [ ˈbruːtl]
  • US [ ˈbruːtl]

English definition


  • 1. (of weapons or instruments) causing suffering and pain;

    • "brutal instruments of torture"
    • "cruel weapons of war"
  • 2. (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering;

    • "a barbarous crime"
    • "brutal beatings"
    • "cruel tortures"
    • "Stalin's roughshod treatment of the kulaks"
    • "a savage slap"
    • "vicious kicks"
  • 3. used of circumstances (especially weather) that cause suffering;

    • "brutal weather"
    • "northern winters can be cruel"
    • "a cruel world"
    • "a harsh climate"
    • "a rigorous climate"
    • "unkind winters"

Example sentences

  • The rebellion and its brutal suppression provided gendarmes with a new method of enriching themselves.

  • Now we have cool air to escape to from this brutal weather.

  • Murder is a brutal crime.

  • She has to face the brutal reality.

  • Seldom is a conflict pushed to its ultimate brutal issue.

  • Now the issue came with blunt and brutal force.

  • He recalls confrontations, additional interrogations in the middle of the night, and brutal beatings.

  • A man should remain unyielding in the face of brutal force!

  • His strong and brutal way of dealing with things is hard for his colleagues to accept.

  • Also, chow yun fat dials down his performance as a brutal emperor with a stolid temperament.

  • The colonists massacred thousands of natives with brutal and callous force.

  • He was known for running a brutal extortion racket.

  • I delivered a verbal protest against their brutal acts.

  • The brutal soldiers beat their prisoners ruthlessly.

  • They're brutal people behind their civilised veneer.

  • With brutal honesty she told him she did not love him.

  • They lived in happy insulation from brutal facts.

  • It was refreshing to talk about themselves and their feelings with brutal honesty.

  • The dip in prices this summer will be brutal.

  • This is a brutal killing.

  • The 20th century brought brutal change to some countries.

  • The afternoon sun had been brutal.

  • Eddy finds himself plunged into a world of brutal violence.

  • This is not war as you learned it. It is brutal work, with no quarter given.

  • This juxtaposition of brutal reality and lyrical beauty runs through Park's stories.

  • He took an anguished breath. He had to be brutal and say it.

  • He eliminated his rivals in a brutal struggle for power.

  • Jensen is a dangerous man, and can be very brutal and reckless.

Synonym discrimination

  • cruel, brutal, inhuman, savage, barbarous, fierce, ruthless


Meaning of brutal

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