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  • EN [ ˈbʌkl]
  • US [ ˈbʌkl]

English definition


  • 1. fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap; often has loose prong

  • 2. a shape distorted by twisting or folding


  • 1. fasten with a buckle or buckles

  • 2. fold or collapse;

    • "His knees buckled"
  • 3. bend out of shape, as under pressure or from heat;

    • "The highway buckled during the heatwave"

Example sentences

  • If you want to learn English you have to buckle down.

  • One is the younger brother, leaving hair on the forehead, like a teapot covered buckle.

  • He tried to buckle his armours on.

  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country will not buckle under international pressure.

  • For this meal, brother became hungry midday, leather belt buckle a few times closely.

  • These shoes buckle at the side.

  • It is direct that you pay buckle from sheet still give the aunt that collect fees?

  • The fracture of Turn Buckle was investigated by means of metallography and mechanical testing.

  • Q . s . For them, learning comes too easily and they never find out to buckle down.

  • Cannot be the bill of value added tax of fixed assets touched buckle?

  • We need to buckle down and get started.

  • Combination folder : A machine combining a knife and buckle folder.

  • The two ends buckle at the back.

  • I was also told to shine my belt buckle, something that I constantly overlook.

  • He refused to buckle under pressure, finally he made it.

  • Most chalk bags come with a short belt and buckle to put around your waist.

  • Then buckle up for a gritty blacktop thrill ride.

  • She found it hard to buckle down.

  • The child's shoes won't buckle.

  • The belt buckle needs to be attached to the belt and gold.

  • Buckle your seat belt.

  • The boot wouldn't buckle.

  • Her whole body began to buckle, unbalancing the ladder.

  • The door was beginning to buckle from the intense heat.

  • A sign just ahead of me said, Buckle Up. It's the Law.

  • There was a time when Charles was coasting at school and I should have told him to buckle down.

Phrase collocation

  • buckle down

    To apply oneself with determination.

  • buckle up

    To use a safety belt, especially in an automobile.

  • buckle to

    (dated)make a determined effort


Meaning of buckle

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