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  • EN [ ˈbʌldʒɪŋ]
  • US [ ˈbʌldʒɪŋ]

English definition


  • 1. curving or bulging outward

  • 2. curving outward

Example sentences

  • The numerical simulations on free bulging were carried out by use of the FEA program ADINA.

  • Ferries are packed, hotels and restaurants are full, and beaches are bulging.

  • The hams are extremely bulging and muscular.

  • A : Who is that actor with the bulging eyes? Steve something.

  • His pocket was bulging with apples.

  • With a new job expect to carry around a bulging wallet full of money!

  • The tympanic membrane is bulging.

  • He was ugly, he had a large pointed nose and big bulging eyes.

  • The high , bulging shelves of heavy tomes humbled him and at the same time stimulated him.

  • The results of paper provides basis for material selecting and process Planning in actual superplastic bulging.

  • His schoolbag was bulging with apples when he came back from his uncles orchard.

  • Coke drums are subject to severe bulging and cracking after a few years of operation.

  • Conscious of the bulging red folder, Nim told her, " Ask if it's important. "

  • The balloon is bulging.

  • His eyes seem to be Bulging.

  • The folder was sandwiched in between the two bulging files in the drawer.

  • The backpack is bulging with tools.

  • Under this heading are cupping dies , drawing dies , redrawing dies , reducing dies, and Bulging dies.

  • His eyes are bulging.

  • Center Robin Lopez ( bulging disk ) and forward Grant Hill ( not injured ) also were out of practice.

  • High up among the bulging clouds thunder went off like a gun.

  • Observing wash degree , bulging ratio and distributing of filtrating material.

  • An overly large or bulging eye is a fault an almond shaped, obliquely set eye.

  • Her pockets were bulging with presents.

  • He shouted at his brother, his neck veins bulging.

  • My bulging thighs and flabby stomach made me depressed.

  • They returned home with the car bulging with boxes.

  • Jiro waddled closer, his belly bulging and distended.

  • He is 6ft 3ins with bulging muscles.

Meaning of bulging

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