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  • En [ kəˈnekʃn]
  • Us [ kəˈnekʃn]

Definition of connection

    • 0 N-VAR

      A connection is a relationship between two things, people, or groups.

      • There was no evidence of a connection between BSE and the brain diseases recently confirmed in cats...

      • The police say he had no connection with the security forces...

    • 1 N-COUNT

      A connection is a joint where two wires or pipes are joined together.

      • Check all radiators for small leaks, especially round pipework connections.

    • 2 N-COUNT

      If a place has good road, rail, or air connections, many places can be directly reached from there by car, train, or plane.

      • Fukuoka has excellent air and rail connections to the rest of the country.

    • 3 N-COUNT

      If you get a connection at a station or airport, you catch a train, bus, or plane, after getting off another train, bus, or plane, in order to continue your journey.

      • My flight was late and I missed the connection.

    • 4 N-PLURAL

      Your connections are the people who you know or are related to, especially when they are in a position to help you.

      • She used her connections to full advantage.


      If you write or talk to someone in connection with something, you write or talk to them about that thing.

      • I am writing in connection with Michael Shower's letter...

      • 13 men have been questioned in connection with the murder.

    • 6 PHRASE

      You say in this connection or in that connection to indicate that what you are talking about is related to what you have just mentioned.

      • It is the 100th anniversary of his death. We here are having very great celebrations in this connection.

Meaning of connection

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