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  • En [ kɔːt]
  • Us [ kɔːrt]

Definition of court

    • 0 N-COUNT

      A court is a place where legal matters are decided by a judge and jury or by a magistrate.

      • At this rate, we could find ourselves in the divorce courts!

      • ...a county court judge...

    • 1 N-COUNT

      You can refer to the people in a court, especially the judge, jury, or magistrates, as a court .

      • A court at Tampa, Florida has convicted five officials on drugs charges.

    • 2 N-COUNT

      A court is an area in which you play a game such as tennis, basketball, badminton, or squash.

      • The hotel has several tennis and squash courts...

      • She watched a few of the games while waiting to go on court.

    • 3 N-COUNT

      The court of a king or queen is the place where he or she lives and carries out ceremonial or administrative duties.

      • She came to visit England, where she was presented at the court of James I...

      • Their family was certainly well regarded at court.

    • 4 N-IN-NAMES

      In Britain, Court is used in the names of large houses and blocks of flats.

      • ...7 Ivebury Court, Latimer Rd, London W10 6RA.

    • 5 PHRASE

      If you go to court or take someone to court, you take legal action against them.

      • They have received at least twenty thousand pounds each but had gone to court to demand more.

      • ...members of trade associations who want to take bad debtors to court.

    • 6 V PHR

      Your day in court is your chance to give your side of an argument or other matter.

      • He knew that this would be his day in court — his last chance to explain why he acted as he did...

      • We knew from the very beginning that it was a question of freedom of speech. All we wanted was our day in court.

    • 7 PHRASE

      If someone holds court in a place, they are surrounded by a lot of people who are paying them a lot of attention because they are interesting or famous.

      • ...in the days when Marlene Dietrich and Ernest Hemingway held court in the famous El Floridita club.

    • 8 PHRASE

      If you laugh someone out of court, you say that their opinions or ideas are so ridiculous that they are not worth considering.

      • It's easy for a younger generation of critics to laugh Limon out of court...

      • Polytechnic lecturers have asked for 12.5 per cent, a claim sure to be laughed out of court.

    • 9 PHRASE

      If a legal matter is decided or settled out of court, it is decided without legal action being taken in a court of law.

      • The Government is anxious to keep the whole case out of court.

      • ...a payment of two million pounds in an out of court settlement.

    • 0 VERB

      To court a particular person, group, or country means to try to please them or improve your relations with them, often so that they will do something that you want them to do.

      • Both Democratic and Republican parties are courting former supporters of Ross Perot...

      • Stars are courted by manufacturers who value their influence on style-conscious fans.

    • 1 VERB

      If you court something such as publicity or popularity, you try to attract it.

      • Having spent a lifetime avidly courting publicity, Paul has suddenly become secretive.

      • ...his ability to get things done, usually by manipulating, courting favour or cleverly finding a way around opponents.

    • 2 VERB

      If you court something unpleasant such as disaster or unpopularity, you act in a way that makes it likely to happen.

      • If he thinks he can remain in power by force he is courting disaster...

      • They argue that the commission should risk courting unpopularity and push on with its legislative programmes.

    • 3 V-RECIP

      If you are courting someone of the opposite sex, you spend a lot of time with them, because you are intending to get married. You can also say that a man and a woman are courting .

      • I was courting Billy at 19 and married him when I was 21...

      • Derek criticised every aspect of Pauline's behaviour, something he had never done when they were courting.

Meaning of court

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