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  • En [ 'lɪmpɪŋ]
  • Us [ 'lɪmpɪŋ]

Definition of limping

    • 0 VERB

      If a person or animal limps, they walk with difficulty or in an uneven way because one of their legs or feet is hurt.

      • I wasn't badly hurt, but I injured my thigh and had to limp...

      • He had to limp off with a leg injury.

    • 1 VERB

      If you say that something such as an organization, process, or vehicle limps along, you mean that it continues slowly or with difficulty, for example because it has been weakened or damaged.

      • In recent years the newspaper had been limping along on limited resources...

      • A British battleship, which had been damaged severely in the battle of Crete, came limping into Pearl Harbor.

    • 2 ADJ-GRADED

      If you describe something as limp, you mean that it is soft or weak when it should be firm or strong.

      • She was told to reject applicants with limp handshakes...

      • A residue can build up on the hair shaft, leaving the hair limp and dull looking.

    • 3 ADJ-GRADED

      If someone is limp, their body has no strength and is not moving, for example because they are asleep or unconscious.

      • He carried her limp body into the room and laid her on the bed...

      • He hit his head against a rock and went limp.

Meaning of limping

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