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  • En [ maʊθ , maʊð]
  • Us [ maʊθ , maʊð]

Definition of mouth

    • 0 N-COUNT

      Your mouth is the area of your face where your lips are or the space behind your lips where your teeth and tongue are.

      • She clamped her hand against her mouth...

      • His mouth was full of peas.

    • 1 N-COUNT

      You can say that someone has a particular kind of mouth to indicate that they speak in a particular kind of way or that they say particular kinds of things.

      • I've always had a loud mouth, I refuse to be silenced...

      • You've got such a crude mouth!

    • 2 N-COUNT

      The mouth of a cave, hole, or bottle is its entrance or opening.

      • By the mouth of the tunnel he bent to retie his lace.

    • 3 N-COUNT

      The mouth of a river is the place where it flows into the sea.

      • ...the town at the mouth of the River Dart.

    • 4 VERB

      If you mouth something, you form words with your lips without making any sound.

      • I mouthed a goodbye and hurried in behind Momma...

      • She winked broadly at him and silently mouthed something...

    • 5 VERB

      If you mouth something, you say it, especially without believing it or without understanding it.

      • I mouthed some sympathetic platitudes...

      • They mouthed the values of family, religion and charity, but demonstrated the opposite in their private lives.

    • 6 PHRASE

      If you have a number of mouths to feed, you have the responsibility of earning enough money to feed and look after that number of people.

      • He had to feed his family on the equivalent of four hundred pounds a month and, with five mouths to feed, he found this very hard.

    • 7 PHRASE

      If you say that someone does not open their mouth, you are emphasizing that they never say anything at all.

      • Sometimes I hardly dare open my mouth...

      • He hasn't opened his mouth since he's been there.

    • 8 PHRASE

      If you keep your mouth shut about something, you do not talk about it, especially because it is a secret.

      • You wouldn't be here now if she'd kept her mouth shut.

Meaning of mouth

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