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  • En [ plʌs]
  • Us [ plʌs]

Definition of plus

    • 0 CONJ-COORD

      You say plus to show that one number or quantity is being added to another.

      • Send a cheque for £18.99 plus £2 for postage and packing...

      • They will pay about $673 million plus interest.

    • 1 ADJ

      Plus before a number or quantity means that the number or quantity is greater than zero.

      • The aircraft was subjected to temperatures of minus 65 degrees and plus 120 degrees.

    • 2 CONJ-COORD

      You can use plus when mentioning an additional item or fact.

      • There's easily enough room for two adults and three children, plus a dog in the boot...

      • We had to have an actor who could generate real empathy. Plus he had to carry the audience through a lot of plot.

    • 3 ADJ

      You use plus after a number or quantity to indicate that the actual number or quantity is greater than the one mentioned.

      • There are only 35 staff to serve 30,000-plus customers...

      • Among the guests were 16 high-flying executives, all on salaries of £50,000 a year plus.

    • 4

      Teachers use plus in grading work in schools and colleges. 'B plus' is a better grade than 'B', but it is not as good as 'A'.

    • 5 N-COUNT

      A plus is an advantage or benefit.

      • Experience of any career in sales is a big plus...

      • There are plenty of plus points about being an older first-time mum.

Meaning of plus

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