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  • En [ pɒt]
  • Us [ pɑːt]

Definition of pot

    • 0 N-COUNT

      A pot is a deep round container used for cooking stews, soups, and other food.

      • ...metal cooking pots.

    • 1 N-COUNT

      You can use pot to refer to a teapot or coffee pot.

      • There's tea in the pot.

    • 2 N-COUNT

      A pot is a cylindrical container for jam, paint, or some other thick liquid.

      • Hundreds of jam pots lined her scrubbed shelves.

    • 3 N-COUNT

      A pot is the same as a flowerpot .

    • 4 VERB

      If you pot a young plant, or part of a plant, you put it into a container filled with soil, so it can grow there.

      • Pot the cuttings individually.

      • ...potted plants.

    • 5 N-UNCOUNT

      Pot is sometimes used to refer to the drugs cannabis and marijuana.

    • 6 QUANT

      If you have pots of money, you have a lot of it.

      • He must have pots of money.

    • 7 N-SING

      In a card game, the pot is the money from all the players which the winner of the game will take as a prize.

    • 8 N-SING

      You can refer to a fund consisting of money from several people as the pot .

      • I've taken some money from the pot for wrapping paper.

    • 9 N-COUNT

      Someone who has a pot has a round, fat stomach which sticks out, either because they eat or drink too much, or because they have had very little to eat for some time.

    • 10 N-COUNT

      A pot is a deep bowl which a small child uses instead of a toilet.

    • 11 VERB

      In the games of snooker and billiards, if you pot a ball, you succeed in hitting it into one of the pockets.

      • He did not pot a ball for the next two frames.

    • 12 PHRASE

      If something goes to pot, it loses all its good qualities because nobody looks after it or works at it.

      • The neighbourhood really is going to pot.

    • 13 PHRASE

      If you take pot luck, you decide to do something even though you do not know what you will get as a result.

      • If you haven't made an appointment, take pot luck and knock on the door...

      • He scorns the 'pot-luck' approach.

Meaning of pot

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