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  • En [ rɪsk]
  • Us [ rɪsk]

Definition of risk

    • 0 N-VAR

      If there is a risk of something unpleasant, there is a possibility that it will happen.

      • There is a small risk of brain damage from the procedure...

      • In all the confusion, there's a serious risk that the main issues will be forgotten.

    • 1 N-COUNT

      If something that you do is a risk, it might have unpleasant or undesirable results.

      • You're taking a big risk showing this to Kravis...

      • This was one risk that paid off.

    • 2 N-COUNT

      If you say that something or someone is a risk, you mean they are likely to cause harm.

      • It's being overfat that constitutes a health risk...

      • The restaurant has been refurbished — it was found to be a fire risk...

    • 3 N-COUNT

      If you are considered a good risk, a bank or shop thinks that it is safe to lend you money or let you have goods without paying for them at the time.

      • Before providing the cash, they will have to decide whether you are a good or bad risk...

      • If you are already considered a credit risk by a bank, a secured loan might be your only alternative.

    • 4 VERB

      If you risk something unpleasant, you do something which might result in that thing happening or affecting you.

      • Those who fail to register risk severe penalties...

      • Pregnant women who are heavy drinkers risk damaging the unborn foetus.

    • 5 VERB

      If you risk doing something, you do it, even though you know that it might have undesirable consequences.

      • The captain was not willing to risk taking his ship through the straits in such bad weather.

      • At the top, I risked a glance back...

    • 6 VERB

      If you risk your life or something else important, you behave in a way that might result in it being lost or harmed.

      • She risked her own life to help a disabled woman...

      • Why should he have risked all that to become an agent of a foreign power?

    • 7 PHRASE

      To be at risk means to be in a situation where something unpleasant might happen.

      • Up to 25,000 jobs are still at risk...

      • An estimated seven million people are at risk of starvation...

    • 8 PHRASE

      If you do something at the risk of something unpleasant happening, you do it even though you know that the unpleasant thing might happen as a result.

      • At the risk of being repetitive, I will say again that statistics are only a guide...

      • Americans wanted to aid Britain even at the risk of war.

    • 9 PHRASE

      If you tell someone that they are doing something at their own risk, you are warning them that, if they are harmed, it will be their own responsibility.

      • Those who wish to come here will do so at their own risk.

    • 10 PHRASE

      If you run the risk of doing or experiencing something undesirable, you do something knowing that the undesirable thing might happen as a result.

      • The officers had run the risk of being dismissed...

      • I knew I was running a great many risks.

Meaning of risk

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