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  • En [ ˈstændɪŋ]
  • Us [ ˈstændɪŋ]

Definition of standing

    • 0 N-UNCOUNT

      Someone's standing is their reputation or status.

      • ...an artist of international standing...

      • He has improved his country's standing abroad...

    • 1 N-COUNT

      A party's or person's standing is their popularity.

      • But, as the opinion poll shows, the party's standing with the people at large has never been so low...

      • Mrs Thatcher's standing was much higher in the US than at home.

    • 2 ADJ

      You use standing to describe something which is permanently in existence.

      • Israel has a relatively small standing army and its strength is based on its reserves...

      • Elizabeth had a standing invitation to stay with her.

    • 3 N-PLURAL

      In a contest or competition, the list of competitors which shows their places during the event is called the standings .

      • Britain is 11th in the team standings.

    • 4 PHRASE

      You can use the expression of many years' standing to say that something has had a particular function or someone has had a particular role for many years. For example, if a place is your home of ten years' standing, it has been your home for ten years.

      • ...a Congressman of 24 years' standing...

      • My girlfriend of long standing left me.

Meaning of standing

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