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  • EN [ kɑ:sk]
  • US [ kæsk]

English definition


  • 1. the quantity a cask will hold

  • 2. a cylindrical container that holds liquids

Example sentences

  • I need a cask of wine and some apples.

  • The cask savours of the first fill.

  • He drew some cognac from the cask into a tin cannikin.

  • The capacity of the mixing cask is about forty - one cubic feet.

  • They sell cider at 10 dollars a cask.

  • Since then, Johnny Cask's career has soared.

  • The cask is capable of holding 8 gallons.

  • And thereupon he sat down across the brandy cask, and began to fill a pipe.

  • Mites are a tiny parasitic insect, the cask has some defensive effect.

  • Sit back and enjoy watching this cask of Scottish whisky maturing.

  • " A cask of Amontillado! " Fortunato repeated. " Where is it? "

  • There is a smack of the cask in this wine.

  • Anti - cask theory is based on the principles of the anti - cask principles.

  • Yep. And I brought a cask full of whiskey!

  • He asked the waiter to bring him a cask of sherry.


Meaning of cask

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