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  • EN [ ˈkætəɡəri]
  • US [ ˈkætəɡɔːri]

English definition


  • 1. a collection of things sharing a common attribute;

    • "there are two classes of detergents"
  • 2. a general concept that marks divisions or coordinations in a conceptual scheme

Example sentences

  • If you are currently employed, which occupational category best describes your job?

  • A tank shooting genre category of mobile games, action a bIt'slow.

  • This paper mainly presents the definition, category, character and application of functional sweeteners.

  • Applicant should complete one application form for each product category.

  • The element makes it possible for RSS aggregators to group sites based on category.

  • Price range and fabric category.

  • Gastrointestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, are the next most common category.

  • From the functions and classification, demonstrative pronouns have the characteristics of prototype category.

  • Material – This is the second largest cost category at 20 percent of the total.

  • The contemporary the international economic and political order should belong to the category of historical materialism.

  • View each category can also search function can be used to quickly locate the dream interpretation.

  • These questions may be included in the same category.

  • If rebate was for Rooms Revenue then the proper room category must be clearly entered.

  • Instigation is a special mode of criminal act , asas a category in the classification of complicity.

  • Prime increase is an overall abstract category, it by each respects, specific, actual interest place composition.

  • Specifies whether or not the listings in the anchored category should be displayed.

  • According to Mike Brewer of the IFS, this putative new category has little validity.

  • These form an independent category.

  • Class the books in this category.

  • Which category does this item fall under?

  • Students over 25 fall into a different category .

  • The judges could not decide which category it belonged in.

  • There are the people who speak after they think and the people who think while they're speaking. Mike definitely belongs in the latter category.

  • Designer wedding dresses make wedding fashion a separate category from mainstream fashion.

  • The authorities have placed the drug in Class A, the same category as heroin and cocaine.

  • Over the decade, women in this category went up by 120%.

  • This book clearly falls into the category of fictionalised autobiography.

  • Music shops should arrange their recordings in simple alphabetical order, rather than by category.

Synonym discrimination

  • kind, sort, type, class, classification, category, species, variety

Meaning of category

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