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  • EN [ ˈkævəti]
  • US [ ˈkævəti]

English definition


  • 1. a sizeable hole (usually in the ground);

    • "they dug a pit to bury the body"
  • 2. space that is surrounded by something

  • 3. soft decayed area in a tooth; progressive decay can lead to the death of a tooth

  • 4. (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body

Example sentences

  • The coelomic cavity is also copiously with warm sterile saline, then the fluid is suctioned out.

  • They can also help surgeons to protect the organs in the pelvic cavity and neurological function.

  • Hot Stone: A steel liner installed in the crushing cavity.

  • Rupture into the peritoneal cavity is the most severe complication a high mortality rate.

  • An atomic fountain clock based on Raman laser field instead of microwave cavity is proposed.

  • Treat the unique skill of oral cavity ulcer quickly?

  • RESULTS: After the removing , cavity was abnormal , with cranny, cirrhosis dentin, and small smear layers.

  • Secondary trimming is needed to separate the finished product from the excess material secondary cavity.

  • Pathologic study: hyperplastic fibrous tissue in pelvic cavity, Hyperplastic capillary vessel in lipid tissue.

  • By adjusting the mirrors under each cavity, these pixels can be made to produce different colours.

  • This contraction increases the volume of the thoracic cavity and lowers the pressure inside the lungs.

  • Tube in the throat and upper thoracic cavity through which air passes in respiration.

  • Gastightness detector is specifically applied to models of the cavity sealing products leak detection devices.

  • Check attic and cavity wall insulation quality.

  • The gas expanded to fill my chest cavity, and the pressure collapsed a lung.

  • To sweeten your oral cavity, you can have a piece of chewing gum.

  • All lead castings were produced at first by hand in many cases from single cavity molds.

  • The resonator ( astigmatic ) can be compensated by inserting a suitable thickness Brewster plate in the cavity.

  • The trophectoderm maintains the pressure by pumping the fluid into the cavity.

  • Third, if you are a northerner, and perhaps did not really understand Fuzhou cavity.

  • The presence of pus in a body cavity, especially the pleural cavity.

  • External defects: undercut , overip , arc pit, gas cavity in surface, crack in surface.

  • This reduced body cavity is called a hemocoel.

  • There's a cavity in the boy's tooth.

  • Put stuffing into the cavity and truss the bird.

Synonym discrimination

  • hole, cave, cavity, hollow, pit


Meaning of cavity

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