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  • EN [ səˈlestiəl]
  • US [ səˈlestʃl]

English definition


  • 1. of or relating to the sky;

    • "celestial map"
    • "a heavenly body"
  • 2. relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven;

    • "celestial beings"
    • "heavenly hosts"
  • 3. of heaven or the spirit;

    • "celestial peace"
    • "ethereal melodies"
    • "the supernal happiness of a quiet death"

Example sentences

  • Turnus was deserted by his celestial allies.

  • The research of stars map bottom procession in celestial navigation has been done in this dissertation.

  • Others will not easily allow their sons to marry daughters of celestial burial masters.

  • The caster calls down a manifestation of heavenly power from the Celestial Sphere.

  • Even the celestial world is heavily guarded.

  • The apparent celestial origin of a meteoric shower.

  • Angels are celestial beings.

  • Astronomy A point on the celestial sphere directly below the observer diametrically opposite the zenith.

  • Language: Bariaurs have no racial language, using Celestial for most conversations.

  • There is a perpetual duel in progress between celestial forces and terrestrial interests.

  • When a hundred days are up , Xiaoqi returns to the celestial palace.

  • The appearance of the sun or other celestial body above the horizon.

  • Celestial poles are situated directly over the earth's geographical poles.

  • Subsequently before long, celestial pole announces to buy PC 365 website, establish new company in Shanghai.

  • Scientists found the celestial origin of the meteoric shower.

  • Either of two points on the celestial sphere at which the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator.

  • Planets and stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies.

  • Astronomers have divided the celestial sphere into a total of 88 regions.

  • Astronomical spectroscopy is the recording of detailed energy distribution of light emitted from the celestial bodies.

  • It depends on the celestial reference pole.

  • To reach the highest point above an observer's horizon . Used of stars and celestial bodies.

  • This spell summons a Devata, a lesser divinity of the Celestial Sphere.

  • The disturbance to sun sensors from celestial bodies was analyzed.

  • The rosy light yet beamed like a celestial dawn.

  • Sucking health care tea technique connotation of the celestial being denotation room is very great.

  • Stars are celestial bodies.

  • In the process of their careful watching and recording the celestial movements the Chinese provided valuable and interesting information for succeeding generations.



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